Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Annie'Re!!

Happy Birthday Lyndsey! Paul didn't care for the name AnneMarie so I stuck it in as your Middle Name. For your first few years I called you Annie'Ree. Dad always called you Lyndsey or Lyners.
Your Big Brother Robbie, called you Annie Re for short. It stuck. Your Nana always called you Annie and Aunt Peggy still does.  You            
 were VERY precocious as a toddler and little girl. You didn't much like my boss teasing you   
when you were 2 so you told him to "Hut UP!"  When you were 3, after an especially bad hour at toys R Us, you asked if I was "Super Pissed?" You have made me proud every day of your life.  When you were in High School, you risked your social standing to defend and befriend the Special Ed kids. You knew the risks better than most of standing up and defending your friends in Special Ed because during Jr High School, I had to take you out of school for a month to give you a break from the teasing, isolation and harassment you endured from you classmates. The high school FOR YOU, instituted the Humanitarian Award at the School and you were, of course, the First Recipient.
They even wrote about you in our Local Paper.
Now, you're a Mom; you're such a good mom and I watch you make memories with your girls every day during my visits. Makayla has inherited your joy for life and others; Izzy has inherited your preciousness - as evidenced at the Restaurant, the first time she told me she was gonna kick my ass. Sophie has inherited your strength as evidenced by her survival of lethal amounts of bilirubin (sp) and Blood Transfusion when she was a week old. They all have your smile.
You haven't YET realized your dream of being an award winning Actress, but I hope you KNOW how well you have done and are doing. Your children and their joy and laughter will be your greatest Legacy Lyndsey, regardless of the number of Academy Awards you may win some day.

And yes, You will ALWAYS be my Annie'Re. Happy Birthday Honey; Thank you for the Joy and Laughter you've brought to me for 27 years now. I love you Every Day.


cflocken said...

Happy Birthday Lyn!!!

lyndsey27 said...

i love you mommy

lyndsey27 said...

i worked i found out how to do it lol