Monday, April 14, 2008

What a DAY!

What a great day; Truly a day full of happiness and fun. Very few of us stayed dry. My nephew Scott and son, Robb saw to that. I've told Scott that I'm certain now that I can never ever do a backyard wedding. I'm pretty sure the bride and or groom would get pushed in before, during or most certainly after the wedding.  My son-in-law Victor advised that Ricky is cut off from making drinks in the future and Lyndsey (my daughter) is cut off from drinking them. 
 I'm so lucky; so happy and so thankful for all the years Paul and I have shared; for our family so large now; and our friends. 
I'm still processing things so I won't "talk on and on" here. 
I'll post some pictures instead.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



lyndsey27 said...

wow your making it sound like a drank, i have no idea what your talking about!!! Me drink never, i never drink....i cant rember, lol i had the best time i love you

Sandy said...

hahaha..someone had too much to drink...uh oh....that has sure happened at our family things...

great photos, enjoyed seeing them and glad you had a great time.. You looked good in your green outfit.

Still have my sis here so have to run..