Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Makayla

Happy Birthday Makayla!
Our Special little Sweetheart! You are 7! This I cannot Believe! You are kind; you are loving; you are stubborn; you have a beautiful soul. You get as excited about what others get on Christmas Morning as what you get. Your little sisters ADORE you - and that says so much about YOU. This is your special day and from what I've been hearing - your seventh birthday when you are born on the 7th of the month is Most special. 
7 years ago, You were born 9.7 and nurses from other areas on the floor were coming in to get a look at this big baby.  Gran's little Bruiser!  I get sad when I think of how fast you're growing but soon remember that this IS most exciting. We love you Baby Girl and can't wait to see you Saturday.
I remember Aunt Carla and Aunt Aly crying with joy when you first popped out.
 How carefully I cropped to show nothing in the picture mommy may not want in there :) They're wiping off your face here and your Aunts are hugging and laughing and crying.
And everyone got a chance to hold you!
 Aunt Katie;  Your Gran and Pappys Your Uncles Ricky and Rob      Your Aunt Kathie got her turn!

  Poor Uncle Ricky - The whole process just tired him out.
Happy Birthday Honey. You are cherished.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.


lyndsey27 said...

my baby is 7 where does the time go

lyndsey27 said...
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Sandy said...

Well happy birthday to Makayla. What a cutie!!


Julee said...

Betty, I had such a great time at the party. It was so much fun. I miss you already. It's nice to be back nice and safe in WI where it's 52 and sunny :-) Will hope to see you in the Fall.. :-)

luv u