Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Good Friend Julee

The Last Job I had was for a Truck Leasing Company in Phoenix. My "Career Life" was as a Lease Processor. The AZ Boss there and the office manager pretty much restored my belief that People ( the Employer) are basically good people who really care about the people who work for them. I'd always held that belief but "out grew" it and became a big believer in Unions and the need for them. I digress.
One of the people I worked with at this great company was Julee. A girl much younger than me... Ok... Younger than my oldest child. Julee was kind of quiet and I was pretty sure she didn't have much use for me. We worked "the early shift" together and over some time we got to know each other pretty well. She was planning her wedding when I got to the "Company" so we bonded over that. One day she sent me an i.m. (Instant Message) asking but assuring it was WAY OK for me to say no, to come as a back up photographer at her wedding. I said SURE.  Well the worst thing happened JUST before the ceremony started. I had the exact symptoms I'd had nearly a year before when I had a heart attack. My worst fear was of the paramedics coming in with sirens blaring during the service, so I told a co-worker of ours to tell Julee I was sorry but not feeling well and drove to the hospital nearby. Turned out it was the first of the Pulmonary Embolisms I'd be getting.  I digress again! It was also the start of a fantastic Friendship. We've laughed since that day that if it all happened now... I'd have her bring over the cake after the wedding and we'd share it in the ICU. Julee would do that too. Together we were the Photographers at her Cousin's wedding last April. :) What a wedding it was too.
She sent the invitations for the 30th Anniversary Party a couple of weeks ago. Got on a Plane with little Emilee; came to AZ for a whirlwind trip; brought the very popular Taco Salad and brought the cake. The same cake she'd had at her wedding that I wasn't around for.  :)    Last January (2007) Katie decided to give CA another try. I supported her decision, but thought my heart would break. In TRUE JULEE style. She said "F" them. I'M here; You're Part of MY family... And so it was that Julee saved my life. While Paul worked so many weekends and holidays at Rawhide, I spent Thanksgiving, Mother's day and celebrated Birthdays with Julee and her family and when my kids were out for whatever holiday it was; they came too. Julee  didn't invite me; Rather, she told me I'd be coming. When I turned 55, Julee planned the party - We went to Peter Piper Pizza at lunch where I celebrated being 55 with my dearest friends and Daughter #3 Julee. 
I started hearing from my daughter Lyndsey.. "Who's this Julee person"? They've met a few times and now Lyndsey loves Julee too. Katee always has. Ricky thinks she's HOT especially the Packer Tatoo on her ankle!!!
When Julee left our company and followed her dream back to Green Bay last year; the boss was so sad; her co-workers were sad; I was SO sad. We held it together because we knew her dream was coming true. I miss Julee everyday; but in the relatively short time we worked and "played" together, a bond was formed that not even my fear of flying will break.
Hey Julee, Ricky is planning on moving out in May... you have YOUR room back! :)
Have a good day everyone and thanks for Taking the time to read my blog today.


Julee said...

I love you Betty! I miss you, but I KNOW I'll see you here in GREEN BAY soon :-) Love ya! Julee

Sandy said...

What a wonderful friendship. Really nice to read.