Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Good To be home; so much to be grateful for

Ok will I'll quickly post then go to bed. Thanks to everyone for your kind thoughts. I'll be catching up in the next day or two on on the posts I've missed.  I'll also be posting a list of things I didn't know I didn't know! 
Meanwhile, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! So much to be grateful for.   ... Including my new walker!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gone for a few days

This is Katie, Betty's daughter. I just wanted to let you know Betty is in the hospital  for a few days, on I.V. drug treatment.  Just seems to be a minor M.S. problem.  

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ok Jose, This is for you

I think I have this right. Per Joe Cool's (blog link on my page here) I'm suppose to go to my sixth folder and post the 6th picture, and tag 6 other people. I, like Joe, don't usually do these... MUST be the Vertigo and that you asked Joe!
This is literally #6 photo.. One of my earlier scanning projects. Took me over 2 years (I think) to get all the photos I'd ever taken scanned) This was taken of Aly & Rob on Christmas Eve 1979 at Nana and Grampa Eny's house. Not the best one from the night, BUT it is #6. 
 Aly, I remember that you were never too impressed with the trees Nana and Grampa had. These were NOT the trees from my child hood. The ornaments were from their two years in Japan. Christmas Eve at Nana and Grampa Eny's was a HUGE part of Christmas during those years. I remember the excitement of all you guys... cousins... running around.
Thanks for the memories Jose.
I'm tagging.  Brenda, Sandy, Rudee, Lyndsey, Carla & Julee... As Jose said, if you're busy or having computer problems no worries.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.. I'll be back to visit later.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh No Mr. BILL!!! or Fun with Photos

 So, What do you do when you have a bad case of Vertigo and can only be upright a few hours per day until the room starts to behave as a Rubox Cube and spinning? How do you spend those valuable hours? Well, I Played fun with photos from the Grand Canyon!!!!Turns out the Vertigo is probably from inner ear issues from a cold I had last week and is clearing up.. Doesn't SEEM to be related to M.S. No harm no foul!

Anyway, It was CARLA's Idea!!!
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Silly Me

I thought my computer wasn't working... I had it hooked up to the wrong network.. Silly me.  The last few days were very reminiscent of the old dial up days.

Here are some photos Carla, or Rob or Ricky took during their Grand Canyon Adventure.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday Update

I'm having real problems with my computer these last few days. Signal is low and everything is slow. Not sure what it's about or what to do.. Already tried the rebooting thing... SO after 20 minutes, I've given up posting photos  from Rob, Carla, Ricky & Paul's trip to the Grand Canyon. Carla took most of them and they are AMAZING... (She's on my list at "God's Blessings".. Not sure if she's had a chance yet to post.
This weekend I learned a bit... 
Conner LOVES locking doors and keys to the door do you NO good if they were left INSIDE the room. 
It's ok to knock your little brother off the bed IF you barely touched him...
 Carla can sprain her ankle badly, 1.5 miles into a hike down the grand canyon and keep going, telling no one;  AND get back up to the top three days later.

 Paul's sons and daughter in law WILL make fun of him if his legs stop working well half way down the hill. They will also photography Ricky helping him into his Sleeping bag.

Rob has NO manners once inside the small tent with Carla and Most of the other Campers can hear you when You tell your husband that THAT WAS JUST WRONG.. NO MORE BEANS
Carla is as bad as "the boys" when it comes to... well most things.

Sadly, We also learned that Cody didn't really get on well with other dogs, especially not Shane, so yesterday, with a broken heart, I went with Paul to take him "home" to his foster family.... Shane seems a little down but more relaxed.  Cody almost got him a couple of times. Our search for a puppy to give a forever home to, continues. Out of respect for Cody, Paul wants to wait a bit.
Hope everyone has had a great couple of days. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Updates from the Grand Canyon

It's day three of the marathon hike for Paul, Rob, Carla and Ricky through the Grand Canyon.I Indian Gardens trail.  They left Friday morning at 4:30 am and I've been getting updates from a little gadget Paul got for Christmas last year.. We programed it before he left and I get We're OK and their location. If they have a problem, I'll get an e-mail "Send Help".. If it is an emergency, this little gadget will get help via 911.. It really is a great little invention. 
It's been kind of crazy, I was down all day yesterday with a cold/flu and poor Katie handled three kids and three dogs. THANK GOD for Katie! Today I'm trying to stay upright and help her out as she now has a cold. I'm looking forward to all the pictures. Carla took the camera!!!
Hope everyone's weekend is going well. 
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Meet Cody

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about us loosing our beloved Rex. It took a while but, Meet Cody, our newest family member. He is a rescued Collie and we are his "forever family". This is very exciting on two levels. We have a new family member and he is out of Foster care... (He'll be wanting to go back soon I'm afraid, if Shane doesn't stop getting in his face. He and Shane are NOT behaving real well and with very little sleep, Paul, Ricky, Rob & Carla, just left for their big Grand Canyon Adventure (more on that later), so wish me luck!! We also have Lucy the Wonder Pug, who is in heat, visiting us this weekend. 
They laughed as they left me this morning telling me to have fun this weekend while I watched two extra dogs and my Madi and Conner.. My response.... At least, I'LL have indoor plumbing!!
Have a great day everyone and thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scott forgive me and keep loving me!
One more time I'll go political here. So many people I love and care about didn't vote the same way I did yesterday, but I can't keep the smile from my face this morning, anymore than I could keep the tears from my eyes last night, while, first Watching John McCain's eloquent concession speech, and then watching one of the great moments in American History take place in front of me on TV. I voted for Obama for change, for Labor - after a lifetime of being taken advantage of by bosses (until my last job); for Medical coverage for us, after being covered my entire life by insurance only to have them refuse to pay for the M.S. Drugs when I needed it. I saw his announcement speech in 2007 and thought, wait, I agree with this liberal? Impossible! I watched him hold on against the Clinton Machine! I didn't like the Reverend Wright thing; I was put off by "share the wealth".  Then again this last weekend I heard OBAMA speak; not his pun dents, who bugged me to tears; I heard him, and said oh Yes this IS the guy for me.
I didn't vote based on his Race; but oh last night I rejoiced in it; a new day; I day I've wanted my whole life arrived last night, and a flash back to my early childhood when I heard the words of John F. Kennedy, speaking of service, sacrifice and a new day for America; filled with Hope and Unity. Not just racial, but Blue and Red, and male and female. And I believed again that we WILL get through these horrible economic times and all would be well... NOT due to one man, but due to all Americans working together. President Elect Obama was not elected by Black Americans, President Obama was elected by the Majority of Americans.
Forgive me this drama, but damn.... GOD BLESS AMERICA.
And baby girl... your Madrina LOVES YOU.. This day is yours too!!
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's VOTING DAY!! And a day for History

Election day in the U.S. Wow. What a tradition. I remember my first voting day. (as a note, my mother in law, born in Texas, was taken back to Germany and raised in 1910 and came back to the states to live when she was 18. She use to say she'd gone voting or was going voting.. THAT is where I picked up this somewhat unusual way of saying I'm going to vote. :) Another bit of unnecessary information about me..
I digress; My FIRST "VOTING DAY" was in 1972, the laws had changed, allowing me to vote at aged 20. So I voted for Nixon, ok - lets move on. It was the year, California voted on the death penalty and I found myself unable to vote yes on it once I got inside the polling place. That was an eye opener. I've experienced other such moments in voting booths over the years.
In 1980, my sister Peggy, drove out the 30 miles from her home to watch the election results with me. We'd voted for Regan (I wasn't a real fan -- Ford was my choice in 76 and I still blamed Regan for the his loosing) ANYWAY, by the time she got out to my house, an hour before the polls closed, Carter had conceded.. We were both pregnant and so we sat and ate the goodies anyway.
Before I could vote, as a child, I remember the first Catholic, Irish American,  John F. Kennedy, to be elected. I wanted him, because he was younger and had a little kid. AND he was a Catholic, like me.   Now I laugh because Sabby wants Obama, "Cause he has a little kid like her".  She did announce yesterday that Obama would cost us too much money so she's for McCain now.. This from our 6 year old. These decisions she makes,  are based on conversations with friends. All very wise 6 year old children.

Today, History will be made, one way or the other. Our first President with an African heritage or our first woman V.P. I'm excited and believe either way, we'll be ok. I'm interested and amazed when I hear how much other countries follow our politics here in the U.S.
We're taking Sabby with us this morning so she can begin to experience the whole thing and in theory, be a regular Voter when she reaches 18.

Happy VOTING Day Everyone!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

30 Years Ago Today

One Week Old

It was a hard pregnancy, during a very hot summer, right after Paul and I were married. I was pregnant the first month after my wedding. Nana, thought people might talk since our wedding was so quick. :) ... They did. On Halloween, The doctor put me in the hospital. I had Toxemia. I was ok, you were not. After 2 days, they told us they were transferring us to UCI medical center in Orange County. IF you would survive, it would be there. I cried that night and told Daddy, 30% chance just wasn't enough odds for you. Daddy responded in the way I would learn to expect from him, we're going with they won't have to take you.
Today, early, 30 years ago, they transported me to UCI, from the ambulance, I could see the front of daddy's z car as he followed us. Your Aunt Sandie came down from Concord and beat us to UCI. They learned right away that you were dying and your ONLY chance was a C-Section. You had less than a 1% chance of survival and a normal life. By 2:00 EVERYONE was there; Nana Grampa Eny, Aunt Kathie,  Aunt Mary Aunt Sandie, They took you at 2:10 Friday, November 3rd. You weren't due until 1/25. 
They expected a 2lb baby, you were smaller. My dates said 28 weeks, RIGHT on the border of viability in 1978. You turned out to be 25 weeks. You weighed less than a two pound box of Sees candies that Father Tom brought me.
Your first three days were a blur to me as the hospital worked to get my blood pressure down. Turns out,  you weren't' doing very well. I asked Father Tom, who was there every day, to baptize you. He did. That marked the beginning of your turn around. From declining, to maybe surviving. The nurses wondered and Father Tom, smiled and told them it was the Irish Whisky he used for the Baptism.
It was a very rough 75 days that followed Kate. Marked by improvement and decline. Bowel failure, Liver failure and constant "Septic Episodes". God taught me a lot during those days. He taught me patience when you HAD to tolerate food or die. Every three hours, I called or was there to make sure you had tolerated your "last feed". We could only look 3 hours to the future. I learned to pray in  December, when they said you would probably not make it. I learned to pray not for what I wanted but for the strength to get through it; to accept it. To be a good mom to your brother Robbie through all this.  I still hadn't been allowed to hold you December 1st when they told me you may not make it. I asked the Blessed Mother to hold you for me if I couldn't. During that 75 days, I saw so many mothers loose their precious babies. I heard the sobs and could almost feel their tears.

January 17th, 1979, you would come home to us. For three years I couldn't buy your birthday cake without crying; for joy. Every hard time in our live would be measured by the fact that Katie lived, this is NOTHING to worry about. We survived our worst moment(s), our biggest challenge as parents and as a married couple, 6 months after our wedding. NOTHING could really be THAT bad after God's most precious gift to us.. YOU. 
You are my child of hope and of faith and of joy. 
You would get irritated growing up, when I would tell you to STOP being negative, you had a responsibility to cherish and LIVE each moment of your life.. but you did learned to hope. You have come through a lot of rough times since our victory 30 years ago, you keep hoping, you never give up. You are a marvelous parent to Sabby. EVEN THOUGH, Dad and I keep TELLING you this or that. 
Thank you Kathleen for ALWAYS being such a fighter and for 30 years of joy. (Even when you brought that guy home with a black widow spider tatooed to his arm; or accepted all those collect phone calls ---$400.00;... Ok I'll stop)
In the Growing Nursery Jan 1979
 With Your big brother Robbie May 1979

You were finally as big as the doll Aunt Mary bought you, September 1979

Easter 1980

Backyard in Chino

Bonanza, on your wedding Day with Dad

You are a wonderful Mommy! Keep looking upward honey!
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.. Sorry it got a bit long and had too much drama! :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

November, Already?

The Fabulous 6!!
So before leaving for California I wrote on my blog about some of the propositions. I got feed back. Some agreeing, some disagreeing, and some downright ugly and rude. I was taken aback, because I assumed (my bad) that the people who read my blog are good guys; the ones I hear from, certainly rank among my favorite people. I thought at first, No more blog, or no more opinions on my blog. I also thought I'd delete the comments before my daughter, who was the target of the ugly comments, would see them. I couldn't get them off so I fired off my opinion of people who take a legitimate argument and turn it personal and ugly. I changed my mind about removing the ugly comments as they stand in stark contrast to the legitimate argument I heard from people I love and care about who disagree with me.  I REALLY understand the goodness in the many people who are for the propositions I am against. The beauty of our country, our system, is that presidents and laws are changed, or made without violence. That we vote and the majority wins.  I won't let small or vicious people cower me into not speaking my mind. I don't want my blog about politics, never did, but I won't be backed down by ANYONE who makes ugly comments from the "darkness" of anonymity. SO THERE.
On a happy note, we had a wonderful Halloween. I have some great pictures of Izzy, our three year old Witch, starting and finishing.. In much disarray and a broken hat. We missed signals with Aunt Carla so we only got 4 of the six at Picture People.. 
I got an awesome Haagen Daas Ice Cream Cake then couldn't eat any :(
Hope you all had the same great time we did.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.