Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Coming up for Air

I'm out of bed and coming up for air now. That was a nasty bug. Started, Stayed and Settled in my Chest. Breathing is still hard. I see the Doctor today so am hoping to get the cough medicine that works. I think there's got to be a better way to control the making of Meth than to deprive this middle aged lady of the "good stuff" to stop the congestion and cough! I don't mind giving them my personal information to purchase the "good stuff", it's when they tell my daughter, "She doesn't need both Day Time and Night Time", that I get a little pissy. I digress!
Sunday we had a friend over for a barbecue and I got to practice taking pictures. However the kids thought it great fun to hide from Me!
It was a great day though, nice and relaxing. 
Yesterday Paul wanted to see "where MC85 goes".  MC85 is the 2 lane highway connecting the 10 to the 8 in Western AZ. It's also known as "the way" to Rocky Point a Popular Mexican beach area for Arizonians. The Saquaros are starting to bloom. In Gold Canyon (on the Far Eastern Side of the Valley) the blooms were red; yesterday the Saquaros were wearing "hats" of White. The skies were not so blue yesterday which makes my photos seem faded. There is a lot of construction on the MC85 these days which stirs up the dirt and contributes to poor air Quality.
A Roadrunner we met on the road
I love the hats!
Love this guy too!
They're not quite in full bloom yet but I've ALMOST talked Paul into a day drive down South of Tucson - The Saquaro National Park... Where there are many of these great "trees" and hopefully bluer skies.
Have a great day everyone and thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.


Sandy said...

Hey...great pics, and I would love to take that drive.

Those are some cute kids there.

Glad you are feeling somewhat better. I didn't know it was THAT hard to get the good drugs. Darn, I better not get sick...


Abraham Lincoln said...

So glad you stopped by my blog and commented there.

I came here to repay the visit and saw your coughing problem. I had it too and it was actually a nasty flu that I didn't have the right shots for and that led to chronic pneumonia and then a heart attack. I had the cough and took breathing treatments for at least 12 days and still do. I am much better now and rarely cough.

I see you are seeing the doctor so that is the first good thing and glad you are doing that. I did too but it didn't help.

Anyway, then I saw Tucson and driving south to see the cactus and blue sky.

Gosh. I lived in Tucson in 1952 and worked at Levy's of Tucson which was downtown then when downtown was about 4 blocks in all directions. Tucson had plenty of blue skies then. I used to marvel at A mountain and how blue the sky was.

I used to go to Mt. Lemon and hike up in the box canyons and pan for gold. That mountain was then covered with quartz. A lot of UA students panned for gold there too when I did and paid their way through school.

I understand everything good about Mt. Lemon is now buried under housing developments. Sad.

Anyway. Tucson used to be a really nice town and we used to go to Mexico from there and had a big time too.

Thanks for your visit.