Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saguaro National Forest


What a Day! 
Paul and I had a wonderful day; Even went on some Nature Trails. I Have seen some beautiful Macros on some other Blogs and practiced some of that today.
The Desert is in Bloom now.   
   White Flowers on this Saguaro's Arm

The Saguaro's are not yet in full bloom but their "hats" are starting to pop up  and soon the Saguaro National Forest will be in full bloom.  I've never been a big Fan of Desert Views.. until I moved to AZ. Here the deserts are quite different than they were in CA. For one thing, Once you cross the Colorado River into AZ we have the Saguaros. The desert earth is more colorful too with Orange and Golds all around us.

Paul Loves Exploring whenever he can

We stayed in bed until almost 8:30 watching TV and drinking coffee, so we got a late start but as it turns out, The Saguaro National Forest is actually North of Tucson so the drive was not as long as I anticipated.
After a full day of walking and driving around the "forest" I'm tired but couldn't wait to download my new photos and do some experimental work.. the Color-Less Saguaro on the top right of my Blog.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.
Paul Walking down into the wash, where
            I wouldn't follow 

I don't know the name of this Cactus, but the 
                Blooms are Beautiful


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos and a nice tour of the local area. I would go nuts there but am guessing the snakes are still asleep this time of year. LOL

And I found the problem and got my granddaughter's photo back up on the post today. Sorry about that.

Sandy said...

Your photos are beautiful Betty. I bet you had a great time.