Monday, March 30, 2009

Beautiful Weekend

I didn't do much at all on Saturday but Sunday I drove with Sabby to a park over in the East Phoenix Valley, in a town called Gilbert. The Freestone Park is quite a place. Sabb's and I went to take pictures of an old work friend. She's soon moving to Dallas with her husband and kids. I enjoyed seeing Amy again. I think she'll love Dallas though.
Here's a few pictures of a great day with a great family.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog toay.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I hope she's not the one to pick my Nursing Home!

Ah, Sabbs, Sabrina, Sabinski.... 
Whitewashing a statement doesn't occur to her.. I'm hearing more and more.. "I'm just saying.." from this soon to be seven year old.
I offered to watch this red head for my daughter today and tomorrow. Katie has class today and a date tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I'm still o.k. with that.
Earlier this morning, she was busy cleaning my office around me.. when I heard... "Gran you need to take a shower today."    "Wa? What?"   "I'm just saying, it's been a while and you need to be clean... "  Well, I haven't been feeling well the last couple of days and well, I guess MAYBE personal hygiene may have taken a back seat.. O.K. so I shower..
After my shower, I checked on Sabby and after giving me a quick once over, reported that "YOU don't match Gran, that's not something you should wear".. "Yellow and Brown go well together, I replied in self defense." Was offering to watch Sabby this weekend, really the best thing for my sense of self?
While making Sabby's lunch just a few minutes ago, I grabbed a diet coke for myself and heard, in her squeaky little voice..."GRAN you shouldn't drink that !!!! It'll just make you fatter"... Wa What??? I answered?  "I'm just sayin" replied the red head.
I'm hiding in my office until her mom gets home.....
Thanks for taking the time to read the blog of a smelly, non matching, fat old lady.... And yeah, I REALLY hope she's not the one to choose my nursing home some day.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sleepless in Buckeye

I wish I could sleep. I wasn't feeling well today, really awful and slept all day. Then I fell asleep early tonight and well here I am... 

Ricky is going back to California to live. I've been expecting it since he moved to AZ; occasionally, I'd think, maybe he'll meet someone here! He lives in a great area for single guys! Right near Westgate!  But no; He's going home, in May, in time to avoid another one of our hideous summer's that will just nearly kill him with his migraines. He told me he'd be here on Mother's Day...He waited awhile because of his dad and me but it's time. He got a work transfer so there'll be no job hunt when he gets home.

I'll miss him and my heart is really heavy tonight... While I don't sleep. Tomorrow morning, or later this morning ; he and his dad are going for a hike. Paul will really miss him.  Ricky's trying to get in all the Mom and Dad, Katie and Sabby time he can, while he's still here.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Pictures from the Weekend

Just taking some time to catch up on other posts from other blogs, catching up on some photo work and editing photos from the last week or so. Hope you are all well and happy.

Actually, this is from last week, with Mary at Sedonna, AZ

Me, before the Splash ride

Afterward, in my "new" clothes

Robb, as Blue!

Pappys Reading to Izzy.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

How I spent my 57th Birthday.... By Betty Flocken

Just a couple of things... I was soaked LONG before this HUGE drop at the end where this photo was taken. (my shirt gained 20 pounds on this ride).... And Paul was once a private pilot and did some aerobatics. When you go down dramatically you "grunt" to avoid passing out.. I guess old habits die hard!!!!
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Friday, March 20, 2009

Not Sleeping and Getting Older

Well now!!!! , it's 1:01 am and I'm not sleeping. I'm also not in CA. Paul and I were worn out this afternoon and I had a "great idea" to take a nap and leave first thing in the morning, drive straight through to Disneyland. I didn't nap and after a couple of hours of sleep, I woke up and here I sit, with the "Ace of Cakes" on T.V. catching up on blogs and wanting to sleep.
I'm thinking of getting another year older... Not for another hour yet.... While I'm very blessed for many reasons, celebrating another year on this earth being only one of them, I really hate getting older, watching gravity take hold. If I ruled the world, I would bannish large mirrors from bathrooms ESPECIALLY when they face your shower!!!  O.K. TMI.. 
In my head, I'm oh, maybe not 18 anymore, but I sure don't feel wise enough to be 57. Grey enough yes, but not wise. I've learned something this year. If I could do it all over again, I would. I would certainly marry Paul and Robbie, have my kids, move when we did etc.. I would also handle my money like I did; smoke like I did, EAT like I did when I quit smoking, work where and how I did --- I know this because I've continued to make the same mistakes Over and Over and Over. Pretty much that's o.k. 

I've continued to click off the items on my "Bucket List" and there's really not much other than that drive up Highway 95, (from Key West to Maine) that I haven't done that I wish I had. Doesn't seem now that we'll be doing that drive anytime soon.

 If I had Only ONE do over, it'd have been NEVER to have set foot in a casino EVER. Otherwise, I've gotten past that part of my life and learned from it. Learned compassion, and Empathy, and in the end self forgiveness.

I think, I'm really lucky for all the reasons, I bather on about daily, and that I'm 57 and really  happy with my life and the way it's turned out. I know I'm lucky - I think that's a gift too. I am even glad I almost died 4 years ago. Gave me an appreciation for life and although I don't like thinking about that big LIFE REVIEW waiting for me on that day, I'm really not too afraid of dying. 

All in all, as I face 57, I'm glad I'm not 59 like my sister Peggy will be on April 19th. 

Kathie, Happy Birthday!!!!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Here are a few more photos from last week in Southern CA

Lyndsey at San Diego Wild Animal Park

Mic at the Animal Park

Izzy and Conner, They Play non stop all day at Lyndsey's

Sophie and her Daddy

Carla's "self portrait"  LOL

Madi & Sabrina
My son Rob, getting a kiss from Conner &  in the background is the depths of Chuck E. Cheese Hell

Lyndsey, Showing Sophie the baby elephant.

A few more photos of the Craziness of Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Parlor and More of the Wild Animal Park

Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's been ages! A lot going on last week!

I left "early" last Wednesday... well two.. and headed west on interstate 10. I was driving when I took this picture. On the sides of the road.. Spring/Wild flowers are starting to bloom. The drive is really colorful and beautiful. I'm going to have to start writing memories down, since I keep forgetting them. I do remember Sabby telling me about her dream (which lasted all night Gran so I'm not done yet) until my eyes began to cross. Love you little Sabbs.
Thursday, we didn't do much while I vegged out and rested from the drive. Friday, we went to SanDiego Wild Animal Park. Lyndsey has a membership and free passes. So lots of walking on Friday. This little guy, was born a few hours before I took this picture. Weighed in at 256 pounds.

The kids LOVED him. He's really a cutie.. well in elephant land.

Conner was so intrigued by all the sights, Gran and Pappys bought him his own membership to the park and zoo for his birthday, so he can always go when Aunt Lyndsey goes.

Izzy and Sabrina on the tram ride.. (tired old Gran's favorite part)...

Gran and Sophie, who's VERY active and bossy these days. Makayla and Madi, You may not be in any of these photos, but when Gran posts again, you WILL BE.
Saturday was spent at Chuck E. Cheese for Conner's birthday.. More pics to follow. Conner had a wonderful time running and laughing. It was so much fun to watch him.

I drove home Sunday and caravaned with my sister, Mary, back to Phoenix. Mary stays busy and I tried to stay up with her! We went to Sedona on Monday, the airport to meet her friend Gail on Tuesday. Yesterday I did paperwork for an appointment today and tried to catch up a little on photography stuff..... So I've been busy. Have had a great visit with my sister. Hopefully she hasn't been too bored. Sabby's been loving her visit with us and I worry, she'll have Mary's eyes crossing soon too!

Today, after my appointment, Paul and I head out for So Cal again, with a trip to Disneyland on our agenda for tomorrow. I get in free on my birthday... Since the scooter rental is almost as much as a ticket, I may do the walking thing.. Paul's knees are bothering him (middle age is GREAT isn't it?) he suggested we both rent scooters and travel along hand in hand.. :)
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today....
 Kathie, since I won't see you until after tomorrow.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!.......

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Off to California, AGAIN

My Perfect Six

I'm off today, to California after getting my blood (thick or thin?) test. Conner is turning 4 on March 13th and we're having a family gathering on March 14th. I'm coming home with my Sister Mary on Sunday morning and we have a lot planned during her trip to AZ. Mary hasn't been to my house on the West Side, so I'd like to tidy up a bit this morning before I leave for CA. 
This might be my last post for a while. But I imagine, I'll be posting photos of Red Rock State Park, Mary, and Chuck E Cheese(a children's pizza palace) when I'm back. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in CA this week. I haven't seen Mary in AGES so I'm looking forward to that! We're going to caravan back to Phoenix together on Sunday.
And, What are you doing after Mary's visit Betty???? Well, I'm GOING TO DISNEYLAND! It's free on your birthday so we signed up and Paul and I for the first time EVER, are going to Disneyland alone, together! SACRILEGE!!!   Back in our youth in Southern CA, Disneyland was a great date place. Now the Molecule ride is gone (great make out ride) but we'll have fun anyway! I am a little worried about the kids' reaction when they find out Gran and Pappys are going to their favorite place WITHOUT them!  Life's a budget though these days and the $300.00 to take them all isn't there AND they've ALL been recently.. I learned that the scooter I'm renting is about as expensive as the ticket amount I'm saving.. Oh well.. I may be going in a motorized scooter, but I AM going. I remember with great fondness taking Marie (my mother in law) on Space Mountain when she was 70.. Her head was down after the ride and I thought.. OMG I killed her!!! She brought her head up and I'll never forget that enormous smile on her face! Great moment! I'm looking for a great fanny pack to fit my camera, ATM card and I.D. so my hands are free!
Anyway; first, I'm looking forward to seeing my family in Temecula, and seeing Mary this weekend.. Then I'll rest a day or two and look forward to Disneyland! So... Have a great Week everyone!
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March Celebrations

The Con Man
1955 or 56?
Kathie & Betty 1969
Kathie & Betty 1968
Kathie Richard and Betty (pregos with Lyndsey) 1981

In March, we celebrate a lot of anniversaries and birthdays. March 7th is Brianne's Birthday she turned 8; She is my great niece and a real sweetheart - One month to the day older than Makayla. She calls me Gramma and I don't correct her. I would love for her to be my Grand Daughter so Gramma works for me. March 10th is Brodie's (my sister Peggy's grand son) he'll be 4 and from pictures and phone conversations, I want to eat him up. March 10th is also my brother's birthday. Richard, for whom my youngest was named. I won't go into Richard's age. He was my older brother and hero while I grew up.
March 13th is CONNER'S Birthday! He's going to be FOUR! I can't believe it! Seems like my con-man was born only weeks ago. He's really a character. Conner is our only Grand SON so I call him my favorite Grandson.. don't tell anyone Conner but you'll probably always be Gran's favorite Grand Son!!!! March 20th is when Kathie and I celebrate? our birthday. I've always shared my birthday and like the arrangement Kathie and I made. We call each other but reserve the right NOT to schlup to the store and get each other a gift.. We've spent a few of our birthdays at one casino or another.
:)  Good Times......March 31 is Sandi and Jim's anniversary.26 years.
So, here's to being Born in March!!!
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today

A Couple of Red Heads

Sunday Night, I got the opportunity to see my Grand Niece and My Parents' first great grand child. Devyn was born in 1988. Suzzanne is Rob's oldest daughter And is Devyn's Mother. Kathie helped raise Suzzanne therefore she(Suzanne) is my niece.  She's a wonderful person and I miss her face. She's been in Germany for a couple of years now with her husband who is in the Air force serving our country. Time passes so quickly I cannot believe Devyn, Suzanne's oldest,  is already a young woman about to graduate from College. Sabby was intrigued .... ANOTHER RED HEAD IN THE FAMILY??? 
Although, Her Grammy, Kathie, my sister gave me the O.K. to post Devyn's photo, she would not give me the o.k. to post HER picture with her husband Rob and Devyn.
Devyn, You make me think I'm talking to your mom. You look like her except for your red head, and you have inherited her best traits. 
Love you!
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

P.S. Kathie gave me the o.k. to post this picture of her, Rob & Devyn.... and  Jose,  Sabby and Devyn are family but do not have a blood relationship. :)  But you're right they sure do look related!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


I'm not a fan of palm trees. This is a king palm. I really don't like those. They're also not native to AZ. Growing up in CA I got use to them but I don't like them. However, the site above is beautiful and the rows of Palm trees add majesty to it. This is where a fantastic couple will be getting married in April. Carla and I are so lucky to play this small role in the first day of the rest of their lives. This will be a fantastic back drop to a wonderful moment. I can't wait to capture all their very special moments with Carla in April.
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Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Red Headed Hip Hopper and other Memories of the Day

Today is March 5th, My late mother-in-law's 101st birthday; it's also one year since we adopted Shane and This Morning, Sabby came in to say good bye looking like my hip hopper in Pony Tails.
Because she was so cute, I waited while her Mommy walked her to school (usually my job) and got a picture of her as they passed by my window. 

Cool today -- :)  only in the 70's.....  I know I'm an ass. I'll pay for my words in July when it's 118!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today

Waking up the Family

In October, after loosing Rex, I decided we should let Shane, our Border Collie, up on the bed with us. Not my brightest move. Well that was 5 months ago; In January we got the Collie Pups and for a while, Shane would jump on the bed during play time with his "brothers" and torment them from above. Now... The puppies are big enough to jump up on the bed. I find this a very nice way to rouse everyone in the morning... Paul is under there somewhere.. This morning.. He paid me back, while I dozed off before he left for work. All you can do is scream and cover your head. That's how he said good bye to his poor old wife this morning.This also works for Sabby when she just doesn't want to get up.. Hondo is a bit ahead of Barney, the blue collared collie, and was able to reach her on her "top bunk".  Barney, tired of trying to climb up there and started chewing on other things... He's under the bed.
I think it's beautiful the way Sabby usually wakes up with a smile on her face. Even when my means of waking her up aren't all that gentle.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Monday, March 2, 2009

March 2 and the Memories it brings

Carla was a pretty girl; she's turned into a beautiful woman. Thirteen years passed between the picture above and the picture below. 13 years ago today, we celebrated the wedding of Rob and Carla. The years between then and now seem to have melted away when I look back tonight. Carla has school tonight and Rob had to spend the night up north of here for a job. I'm happy though tonight; because I know my son is married to his life's partner. His Wedding was beautiful but it pales next to the marriage and life they've built together. 
I'm glad Rob found Carla and glad she said yes when he asked her to marry him. She's a wonderful wife mother and Daughter in Law. I gained a lot that day 13 years ago when I got a new daughter!
Happy Anniversary Rob and Carla. I love you both.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.