Friday, April 11, 2008

So much to say so little space!

As I posted earlier today, I shopped for the outfit I'm wearing tomorrow. Mervyns is next door to where Paul works so I stopped in to say hi. Something we've never been able to do in our time together; distance and types of jobs made that impossible.
I was hit with a realization walking to my car after sharing lunch with him. How many blessings; luck; good fortune; whatever name you choose to give it; I've had - we've had in life.
I got M.S. but late in life and I'm still walking; I had a major heart attack and have heart damage; but I'm here preparing for my 30th Anniversary - Wow. I remember Mr. Toad's wild ride to the Hospital 12/11/2004. I knew my heart was stopping and at one point I know I kept trying to tell the paramedic to tell my husband and kids I love them. He told me to tell them myself. Those guys really are heros. In the E.R. I finally got a chance to tell Paul, how much I loved him  and how great our 26 years together were for me. Later I wrote each of my kids to tell them how great they are. JUST in Case. How lucky is that. I'm here for another however many years to impart my great wisdom to my kids and give them all the unsolicited advise I'm able to. Great huh? And here I've found a platform - my blog to go on and on and on with my musings.. without annoying all my relatives.
Paul and I have spent 30 years together; we knew each other 3.5 months the day we got married; great luck there. And NO we weren't pregnant despite the rumors that circulated in those days. My mom just knew it was ok and despite the fact that our marriage would not be blessed by the church she'd worshipped in her entire life (Catholic), she set about making all the plans AND making all the bridesmaids and flower girl dresses. She had 9 weeks total to plan the wedding and do everything. My eyes were glossed over with Romance and didn't care how things went. Poor mom. Thanks Mom. I miss you everyday but I know you are here. You and Dad.
I had wonderful parents and best of all, I knew that they were awesome BEFORE they passed. They died ten years ago this year within 12 days of each other. How awful it was and yet, how utterly perfect it was.
Last night Paul and I met Sandra, Steven, Jake, Scott, Lanette and Brianne at the Airport.(my picture up there is of Scott & Sandra with Aunt Betty)  They flew all the way from Oakland to be here this weekend for our big day. My niece Aly and Saul with both girls are coming to share the day from San Diego. All four of our kids along with all six of our grandkids will be here. Kathie and Robb, Sandi & Jim. Peggy will be here in spirit. 
My dear friend Julee; who literally saved me in early 2007 when Katie and Sabby moved back to CA and I thought my heart would break; surprised me and flew in from Green Bay yesterday with her little Emilee. She has advised that she needs to be a subject of one of my blogs one day btw.  She wasn't going to miss my big day and has advised this really is all about her. Sarah and Jeff and kids will be here to celebrate as well. What started as a special family gathering has turned ( for me) into an affirmation and reminder that my life is indeed blessed. 
I am blessed with the best most forgiving most wonderful people in my life.
I have four incredible kids and two incredible child in laws.. (?)
 Suzanne, I miss you, Andrew and crew. I remember Lyndsey's wedding and the beautiful hair style you put together for her when the hairdresser didn't show up. I remember you walking a screaming Sabby up the aisle. I remember you were just quietly there.
So, while there are about a bazillion things left to do tonight to get ready for tomorrow; I'm sitting back in my office writing about how lucky I am and how profoundly humbled by the wonderful people God has surrounded me with in this life.
Thanks for taking the time to read my rambling blog tonight.. Jeese two in one day. Does this woman EVER shut up?


Sandy said...

Well I have tears in my eyes or what!!! Beautiful post, beautiful family and well..~~~

I hope you have the BEST DAY EVER. You have everything one could want Betty, more life, more love, more fun. You are cool.

And I liked reading about how it went down, just to know...ya know.


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