Monday, May 25, 2009

New Blog site

I can no longer update blogs on this site, so I've moved...  Not sure How to get the word out since these aren't updating. 
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Memorial Day

I don't like talking politics on my blog. But I will today. 
I was always a republican.. Except for that time in the 70's when I voted for Jerry Brown for President.. I was raised a republican pretty much. My mom was a democrat and voted for John Kennedy while my dad voted for Nixon. I liked Kennedy because he was young, handsome and had a kid about my age. Mom converted and ours became a republican household. 
When I met my husband, he was a democrat (labor democrat), but after we were married (by chance) he never voted democrat again. He's since re-registered as a republican.
I've evolved over the years of my life. Mostly I was a moderate Republican. I'm VERY pro life as I believe life is from God and Only God can give and take life. I'm also against the Death Penalty for the same reason. Societies are judged by the way we treat our most vulnerable members. I'm thinking our Society cannot come out very well under that scrutiny.
I became a believer in the Unions, because I saw first hand the way companies take advantage of their employees.  
I was a supporter of George Bush, twice. I'm not sure anymore how I feel about that now. I liked him and he became my hero after 9/11 and the way he led this country after the nightmare of of that day. He was no coward, throwing out the first pitch at Yankee stadium a few short weeks later. However, I'm not sure how I feel about him anymore.
I voted for Obama in the last election. And I think McCain was a true American leader when he made his concession speech.  
I watch 24/7 news channels a lot. I've started watching with a new eye. FOX is NOT fair and balanced, on the other side MSNBC is too far to the left (in my humble opinion). 
CNN--- Why did I believe all that about them being too far to the left? Of the three, they seem the most unbiased. Just saying. Their tribute to "our fallen" today is something else and got me thinking....
I re-registered this year as a Democrat. So I guess now, I'm a moderate Democrat. A little fearful these days but very hopeful. 
I'm writing this post today, and spilling my political guts in tribute to all the young men and woman, who've died protecting my Freedom of Speech, since the beginning of our country's story.  Such promise they had, and the families who mourned them; what sacrifices they made. It's the least I can do for them.. To exercise the rights they died to preserve.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Friday, May 22, 2009

What's up with this

Has anyone else been having troubles with Blogger? I can't see my updated posts from my other blog!  This is so not o.k.

Take a Picture!!! It'll last longer!!!!

Today was a great day in the world of Sabby, little miss pink could hardly contain herself walking to School this morning. Last day of School, Half Day friday. She nearly skipped across the street toward her last day of school in AZ. (Hardly hunched at all when Gran, unable to contain HERself, yelled across the street.. "I LOVE YOU SABBY SMITH"). 
Remember the expression, "Take a Picture! It'll last longer!!" We'd say that if some one was staring at us. So I did. I Memorialized Miss Sabby Smith's last day of 1st Grade. Her last day of School in AZ. Instead of beginning 2nd grade in 105-110 degrees in early August, she will proceed to the second grade, in September, in the crisp cool air that is Lake Tahoe in September. I'm happy for Sabby today.
Have a great weekend everyone. 
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Making her way to the cross walk

Crossing the street

Getting Closer


This is my view, Everyday on the way to or from School

"Gran, Now you're being silly"

Hugs for her Pappys

Pappys is reviewing her report card. Sabby is unconcerned.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Family Gathering

Not too long ago.. last week, I went to a going away party for Katie's boyfriend Adam. His family had a big gathering to say good bye. I just love his family. They are all so nice and welcoming to Katie and Sabby. They're very funny too. Since I don't have anyone's permission, I can only post pics of Kathie (my sister, Katie, & Sabby) here. Kathie was my date that night since Paul had a meeting he had to go to.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.