Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Rob

Dear Rob
So today is your Birthday, two minutes tonight before midnight. I've always been glad you were not a June baby. I liked the Emeralds on my wedding ring (your dots) much better than the Pearls of June.
I'm looking at them now and think of all that they represent. Poor thing, I learned to be a mom with you.. Not so lucky you. As Travis said on Easter.. It wasn't easy being Rob. Thanks for making me feel better with.. Well that's how you turned out so good. I also learned how much a mom can love; how love for you absolutely did and does fill my heart. Your smile can still make me laugh and usually does.
You were a marvelous kid; I was pretty sure you felt responsible at times for starvation in the world. I remember your Alex P Keaton days in High School. Your efforts and success at getting on the Highway Patrol.
There hasn't been a day Dad & I haven't been proud of you. Proud to point you out at a party or in a crowd and say, that's our son.
Not a day that I'm not thankful to you.. Backing your Dad in the middle of the night when he confronted loud neighbors (Hey D...HEAD!) .. . You've given us a beautiful and spunky daughter named Carla, A beautiful Grand daughter, Madison, and our ConMan Conner. Those two are two, very lucky kids; They get to call you Daddy.
You're 35 today, as you pointed out.. Halfway to 70. Damn.. That makes me halfway to 112.
You've never forgotten fun, so many of my pictures during family gatherings have you smiling or laughing in the background. I'll Always remember your hug after Uncle Rob's Toast at our Party and be happy. I've tried to upload MORE pictures than the ones I have here but I couldn't get them on. So here are only a very few of the pictures of memories I have today.
Happy Birthday Honey, I love you.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Temperature is Rising

 Summer was later starting this year. Spring was gorgeous and long and I savored EVERY second. We had very unusual weather and rain last week. Snow in the Northern part of the state. This week it's been in the 80's-90's. Tomorrow, it'll reach 104 and the 7 day forecast shows 100 degree temperatures for the next 7 days. I may be going out on a limb here, but I'd say it's Summer. It doesn't cool down much at night either.. Wah wah wah.

Our dogs behave relatively well when Paul is eating... in this picture... They stand or sit at attention staring and waiting, waiting and staring.  They know better than to crowd me when I'm eating! I will NOT share when they crowd me. 
Hope you all have a wonderful Friday.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Cabinets Cabinets Everywhere!

My sister Kathie and her husband Rob live in West Phoenix, about 30 minutes from me. Kathie wanted to live IN Phoenix, NOT 
Glendale, Peoria, or Good Year.. PHOENIX. Something about living in the ACTUAL city and not a suburb anymore. Well they bought an older home on the West Side of town, in 2003, and have had many renovation projects since then. Kathie prefers an older home and this house was perfect for them. Their current project is re-doing the kitchen.. They did have a new kitchen picked out a couple of 
years ago, but then life reared it's ugly head and they spent the money on a new roof and new A/C (an absolute MUST in Ph
oenix). So now they're redoing the 60's/70's something kitchen with a black and white theme which is nice. 
Unfortunately, I was NOT there to record the scene yesterday when the sprayer got loose and painted Rob and the wall outside.. The visual they gave me was pretty good.
I went over to help for a while today, took my camera and did a pretty good job of
 annoying both of them while they tried to work on what must be the WORST ever job imaginable. 

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

Years ago, when we first moved to AZ, Paul and I purchased a home on the far east side of the Phoenix Valley; in a town called Gold Canyon. It was a beautiful part of the Valley. However, where we lived had a very strong and ridiculous Homeowners Association.
Our good friend and neighbor had one of these flag poles in his back yard and flew the flag daily. He got sighted 
by the Homeowners association for having too large a flag pole... in his back yard..
Every, Vetrans Day, Flag Day, Memorial Day and Armed Forces Day Paul hangs two flags. The American Flag and the MIA/POW Flag. That first year in Gold Canyon, we were sighted for hanging two flags as only one flag was allowed. So, Paul went out and purchased this flag pole, same size as our neighbor's, and flew both flags on this one flag pole. His letter to the homeowners association basically dared them to come and sight us... Have I mentioned Paul's temper? Well we never heard another word from those clowns and now on the West side, where there isn't such foolishness, we proudly hang our flags whenever we want. ...  
We had a lovely barbecue today, with Spare Ribs, chicken, corn on the cob and wedged potatoes. VERY GOOD. Ricky came for Dinner with a good friend and Katie had a friend over. I missed Lyndsey and Rob today and know that Lyndsey was homesick.  Still trying to get her out here to live in AZ.
Hope you all had/have a wonderful Memorial Day.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Exciting Day

 So today was exciting. I got a request from the aunt of my close friend this week. Her son graduated from High School this Week and she wanted me to take some photos for them. I went today to a park local to their family and "shot" some family photos. I think they turned out pretty well, or at least the sick feeling in my stomach is gone. I cropped and even learned a wonderful trick on my EOS photo editing program. Added JUST the right amount of light to the photos. Thanks to a fellow blogger, I used the macro setting on my camera and really kind of liked the way the photos came out.  I'm not charging anything so it's not really a truly professional "shoot" but I'm feeling very accomplished tonight.  I've also had several calls from parents of Sabby's classmates wanting to purchase copies of the slide show I created from photos I took at her graduation. Again, I'm not charging because some of the photos were a bit blurry, and again, I'm very excited. 
Tired right now but it really was a great day. 
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Friday, May 23, 2008


       AhThe Motor Home Days! circa 2000
Friday before Memorial Day Weekend was always a big day when I worked. Light traffic in the morning. (My commute during the majority of my "career days" was approx 65 miles each way, from Murrieta to Irvine, CA. The day was usually either very busy if it was also the last Friday of the Month or dead as most of our clients had already left town. The commute home on this first 3 day weekend of the Summer could take 2-3 hours. I had to travel one of the "road out of town" routes for 30 of the 65 miles of my commute. As I sat in stop and go (STOPPED) traffic, I'd look around at the the travel trailers and motor homes and wonder, often aloud, why the hell they couldn't either leave early or wait until the rest of us poor slobs got home before heading up to the mountains or out to the River (Colorado River). The normal 4 hour drive to Las Vegas, would on this weekend turn into a 6-7 hour drive through the desert.  Ah the good old days. Once I dragged my exhausted butt out of the car and into the house, I HAD THREE DAYS OFF!!! Sunday night would NOT mean the end of my weekend!!!

Since my "retirement" the big 3 days weekends of summer no longer hold the same excitement for me. Paul, since our move to AZ, has usually had to work during this weekend so three day trips for us became uncommon. My route home was no longer   the main artery for the three day get away so traffic wasn't all that bad. Now, I have every day off (which is a good thing! Really!)

Now, I sit in my office, facing my window, looking out at gloomy skies threatening rain and miss the "good old days?" of fighting traffic to get home for my big three day rest!!  You Know Betty, One just can't please you!!!
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The History of Paul's Mustache

 For 30 years Paul has had a mustache. Actually, longer but I've known him 30 years. Twice during our life together, he's had a beard. I loved that beard. Anyway, He says he shaved it once and I remember that, but I DONT remember Paul without it. Anyway. Here's a bit of history. Those of you who call Paul Dad or Pappys or Uncle Paul may remember.
Paul and Robbie in our first home while it was being built. Notice the hair is long which was the style in 1978. Actually Paul kept it shorter than most.
Not much change in the mustache here in 1980 with Katie. The Hair was shorter though.
Christmas 1981 and Paul's hair is much shorter with a well trimmed mustache and beard. Brown defined Paul back then. I'd look at him and see brown... Hair, eyes, mustache and beard. I love the color brown.

Fast forward 15 years to 1996. The beard is gone, Paul's gained a few pounds.. Not JUST the extra Mustache. :) 

The Mustache had been grown out to match his S.A.S.S. days and went real well in this Tombstone photo of us, and when he'd go on shoots.... Otherwise it was kind of funny looking. Picture taken in late 1996

Over the years, Paul's mustache got smaller and didn't change much except that the brown started disappearing and was replaced with Grey. Still has the brown eyebrows though. The picture above was taken on Saturday at Madi's Soccer game.

Yesterday, I guess he had nothing else to do so he decided to shave the Mustache. I told him he looks like his dad now.  Doesn't look at all like, Pappys, Dad, Uncle Paul or Paul. Sabby demanded to know "WHAT DID YOU DO WITH YOUR MUSTACHE PAPPYS?!!!  The "mustache" area got pretty badly burned yesterday.. 
He's growing it back.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday Monday

I take way too many photos. I'm very very grateful for digital these days... The editing can get pretty tiring though. We had a very busy and very nice weekend. Saturday started with Madi's Soccer game and like I think I've already posted, it was HOT. Madi was very hot.
Just as soon as we left the game we raced back to Lyndsey's to clean up a little before heading down to Chula Vista for Makayla's Birthday Party. We had to be there a couple of hours before the party as we were Lyndsey's ride and she wanted to help in preparations... that or Victor wanted her down there early. There wasn't much for me to do, so I spent time taking pictures.
             Izabella and Daddy
                      Makayla & Daddy
               Makayla & Pappys
          Look how Sophie has Grown!
                  Makayla and Her Abuela
                                              Lyndsey and Rob
                    Sabby and Pappys
                                  Family Shot
        Not too sure where this tradition comes from?
                                  Cousin Madi & Makayla
                                     Pinata Fun

Makayla had so much fun and was so very excited at the big party and all the people who came. I was really excited for her. 
Yesterday, We took a drive to Skinner Lake and then on to California Pizza Kitchen (WILD with Izzy) for lunch before heading back home to AZ.  
Tonight, Sabby is Graduating from Kindergarten, Uncle Ricky is coming for the occasion and to watch a Basketball playoff with Paul.  I'm looking forward to an early night!
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Summer Heat in May!

What a great weekend we're having! Very HOT here in CA this weekend. We made it to Madi's last Soccer game of the season. Thankfully Rob & Carla have a canopy so we all got some shade. It was 104 when we left the field at 1:00. Makayla's Birthday Party was given by her other grandparents in Chula Vista and oh what a time we had! Complete with delicious Mexican food cooked by Makayla's Abuela (sp) "Gramma" and clown who didn't eve scare Sabrina! It was much cooler in Chula Vista, by the Ocean so an outside fiesta was perfect.
I haven't had a chance to do much editing on all the photos I took yesterday so this may be a little hard to see. Poor Makayla, she doesn't really know much Spanish and the Clown knew ONLY Spanish so she was occassionally at a loss as to what was being said. Daddy translated though and she had a wonderful time.
I'll be writing more and posting on the girls' pages tomorrow when we get home.
Hope you're all having a great weekend!
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Big Weekend Ahead

We're headed to Southern California this afternoon. Makayla's birthday was last month but her party is tomorrow afternoon. We're also going to get to see Madi's soccer game tomorrow morning. It's her last game and I was getting a little concerned we might miss seeing one of them this season. I guess they don't keep score (yeah right) during the winter season but Madi's doing very well. Have my telephoto lens all ready :).
I'm still up and down not quite up to par yet but feeling much better than last week. Paul will be driving though so that takes a load off of me. We're taking Sabby with us since Katie has to work this weekend.
On the advice of a very good blogger friend, I've started blogs for my grandkids (complete with all the cast of characters) Carla mentioned she'd like to keep copies of my blog on disc so when the kids got older, they could read it and get inside "Gran's Head".  I'm thinking that'd be a pretty scary thing! But I'm writing their blogs in that light... I writing to them.  I'm keeping the links on my own front page.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Ok, THIS I won't miss.
Ricky is moving out today; down the road to Glendale AZ, near where the Super Bowl was. Great area for young people. Not too far from us. MUCH closer than when he moved to Idaho or when he still lived in CA and before that, was in college in Denver.
I'll miss Ricky; Sabby is really sad about it. 
This use to be my guest room; then it was Paul's Old West Room. Right now it's a little bit of both. And always a BIG mess. When I ask Ricky to please make his bed and pick up his ro
om; I get.. "Mom, Mom, don't, Ok" My office is the room right next to his room and I really can't even type in the morning without waking him up (he's his father's son) and I won't miss that.
For Rob & Carla, Julee, Lyndsey & Victor, Scott & Lanette, Sandra and Steven, Sandi and Jim and all those who's names I'm not remembering to add right now. YOU HAVE YOUR GUEST ROOM BACK.
But I'm going to miss him; on nights when I can't sleep and sneak out to the couch to watch TV, he won't be coming in after work anymore to visit for a while. I'm going to miss Ricky a LOT; but this is so much better than the last times we've moved or he has. THIS time, it's as it should be, My youngest is moving out with friends; getting his own apartment, and will be home with his laundry at least once a week..
 Oh and he's taking our bed, hutch, TV and half the bar he built up here with him!!!!
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.