Friday, April 18, 2008

Great Expectations

Katie and Sabby just got home a little while ago. Sabby's Graduation Pictures have come in. I know someday I'll be looking at the real thing.. as in her High School Graduation Picture. She'll be beautiful, no doubt, but the radiance and innocence won't be the same. Little Sabby's already been hurt by life in some ways. But looking at her little face in this picture it is clear to me that my Red Headed Treasure still expects life to be exciting, rich and mankind (most of them) to be at her beck and call. I hope I'll be here to see her play out her life. I hope she'll lead a happy and full life, whatever she does. I hope   she gives back to the world and makes it a better place because she was here. I hope they all do. I hope she celebrates all the good this world can be and acknowledges but doesn't dwell on the bad or evil in it. I hope she learns from bad relationships she may enter but not dwell on them. I hope she will continue forever to look at people, FIRST as potential friends and not fear them as potential enemies.
I hope in 12 years I will look at her high school graduation picture and smile; still seeing all the great expectations in her eyes and her smile. I believe I will smile then and remember this one. Maybe look it up. Every picture, I've ever taken, or purchased or had given to me is safely scanned, with 2 back ups. I'll remember what a cutie she was when she was five. How she played and talked to the make believe people in her little world. I'll remember how pappys kept cheese cut up for her to "go with her whine". I'll remember how she ran down the little hill every day with her hands in the air and waited just where I told her to for me to catch up, so we could cross the street behind our house together. 
From now until then, Sabby and I will make many memories together. Looking at this smile of excitement as she prepares to "graduate" from Kindergarden will rank among the sweetest of my memories. 
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog tonight. 


Sandy said...

Betty...this is one adorable little girl!! I love red headed kids. Always wanted one. I did get a strawberry blond though.

What a doll and you can sure tell how much you love her.!


Kathie said...

What a cutie!