Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Packer World

Beautiful sunny, and cold. Having a great time. As promised, here are a couple of photos from Lambeau Field. Quite a tour. It was amazing actually being in the stadium after all these years of being a Packer Fan, courtesy of both my sons! I'm loving the cold sweater weather. Bought Sabby and Little Cheesehead. Hopefully, we'll find more reasonable prices today away from the Pro Shop!
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Monday, September 29, 2008

Hello from GreenBay!

In a Word, Beautiful! Gorgeous! Absolutely wonderful! The weather here is absolutely as it should be for the fall. 60degrees! 40 degrees lower than Phoenix. I made it onto the plane thanks to Paul and did reasonably well on the flight. Got off the plane to see Julee waiting and the fun began. The Party for her grand parents was wonderful. Julee's family is wonderful, loving and very welcoming. I'm really homesick but having a wonderful time.
Today we went to Lambeau field and took the tour! I felt like I had arrived at a holy place, after all the years my sons have revered this place. Great time. More photos to follow.
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Aunt Carla took this and yesterday's photo.  Makayla Enjoying her Cake!

In between trying to get programs installed on my computer and getting Katie's computer working properly. I'm packing. I don't leave until Friday, but well, the plane won't wait for me.
I most likely won't be able to get on line for the next 10 days so will miss visiting all your blogs.
I'll have WAY too many photos when I get back I'm sure. GreenBay Here I COME!
This morning, I got up early, my back was better, Paul needed his rest and Sabby was awake and scared to be alone. A few minutes after getting up, I started with more back spasms. I layed down in Sabby's bed and we chatted for a while. I've learned so much from Sabby since she moved in.
She loves to chat and she's very grown up and usually, at least twice during a sentence she tells me "I'm not lying, Really Gran". I learned this morning, through the white pain of back spasms that her teacher has told them, if there's blood tell her, if not tell the dog. No tattle tailing in first grade Sabby said. The dog is a stuffed animal in the library.  It's not very nice to tattle tail you know Gran. She discusses her Daddy sometimes and I wonder if she wants me to add anything. What I would add would be of no benefit so I listen and nod.  She doesn't like waving back to me as I stand on one side of the street and watch her cross and walk into the school. You know Gran, it's just kind of hard to keep waving.. That doesn't make you sad does it?
No, I answered, remembering not wanting to hurt my mom but really wishing she'd stop waving to the bus everyday.

I miss my Madi, Makayla, Conner, Izzy & Sophie. I wish they were here in AZ too. But I sure enjoy and appreciate my mornings with Sabby. I'll miss her these next 10 days. I'll have the chance to bond with Emilee though, a little miss who'll be turning two on the 3rd of October.

Hope it cools down in AZ while I'm gone; Hope you all have a wonderful two weeks. I'll have much catching up to do when I get back.
Take care everyone, and thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yikes what a day!

I have a lot to do between now and Friday Morning at 9:00 am. This morning, while doing the dishes I bent wrong and really nailed my back. A major muscle spasm. Poor Paul. Thank goodness he was home. 
SO I spent the day in bed in an awkward position high on muscle spasm relievers. :)
Got Lots of rest today and I can actually move without howling like a wounded animal. LOL
Hope you all had a good day!
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Stressing OUT

Ready to go? NOT. 
Since yesterday, I've thrown out my back AND gotten a letter from my disability insurance company that they may be cutting me off. GREAT.  Wonder if the government will bale ME out?  No probably not. They're still rejecting my social security application. Why is drug addiction covered and NOT heart disease or M.S.? Just wondering...
Still haven't heard back on the spot on my lung.. I need to call that doctor today as well as the doctor who needs to respond to my disability company. That would be the doctor I haven't seen in more than 6 months.. GREAT.
Usually on trips, I can throw "last minute things" into the car.. The car that STAYS on the road; down here on earth. The car that leaves WHEN I'm ready..  I am going to start packing today; so EVERYTHING is in the suitcase, and not forgotten.
Friday morning is looming large!
Ok, Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Computer Hell

This picture has nothing to do with my post; But Sophie is so cute!

Almost two years ago, I purchased a new computer. An I Mac. I like it. Many of my favorite programs though, were only available in windows. SO, I purchased a program that would enable me to have windows loaded on to my mac. Katie has a computer, a PC, with Vista basic. It's crap. I spent the better part of this weekend, first purchasing, then trying to install a slide show program (my favorite) onto first Katie's computer, only to have it fail every time I tried to open MyDVD;  then rebuilding FROM SCRATCH, my Windows Virtual Machine in my mac so it'd be big enough to download the DVD program.  I had computers crashing in both rooms. At last, I was told I ran out of tries to download the program.. hmm... I see....  I'll get angry about that another day.

THEN I found a copy of the program I had already re-purchased and installed that into my "new" Windows screen. Spent another 4 hours transferring or trying to transfer songs, photos etc for the slide show I was trying to create with my DVD to the windows program.. I completed the revised slide show, inserted the DVD into the computer and hit.. BURN.. My windows will receive from my DVD drive... It will not send.. I cannot burn the  DVD..  USELESS.. After trying for a couple more hours to install this program I found into Katie's computer, I gave up...   The slide show will be on the mac program.

You know, It's gotta be windows.

Friday, September 19, 2008


It's only the 19th but it seems as though September is almost over. Other than flying, I'm looking forward to my trip to WI. I'll see Julee and be there long enough to drive her nuts. :) I'll meet all the people, I've seen in photos for weeks, while helping Julee with a slide show project. I'll be wearing sweaters!!!! The end of September and early October mean something in WI, or so I hear. I seem to have a lot to do suddenly before I get on that plane next week, so I'm feeling a bit scattered tonight.
Still no word on my Chest CT. My arm, was broken after all. After another CT on it, I saw my orthopedist today. Don't need to do anything; which is quite a relief. It'll heal on it's own and maybe I'll be able to predict the weather soon.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Full Day

Paul is off this morning, taking his Sister Sandi and her husband Jim, to the Airport. They're off to Germany this morning. I'm praying for a safe journey and a wonderful trip!
We're dog sitting their Haley.  Shane of course will NOT behave and is driving poor Haley crazy.
I'm going in for a CT (checking out the spot on my lung again) --- wish me luck! and an MRI to check on my arm/elbow.  Since I got the "good stuff" tranquilizers for the MRI, Paul has to drive me to and from.. THEN, while I drift off to a nice comfy nap, Paul will be headed out to work the swing shift..
No rest for the weary today!  That would be Paul!
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I wasn't lost before!

We do a lot of this on trips.... " Oh I took the wrong road"  "Why didn't you check the map before?"  "I wasn't lost before!"
When Paul   "doesn't know" where he wants to take a drive, I know, He knows, and I'll learn soon enough. Typically, it also means he doesn't want me to nix his plans. Since it was his birthday, I was willing to go most anywhere he wanted to go. I don't mention it here on my blog, because, well, it's not something most people want to hear; but it's relevant to my story; I have IBS. I don't like being too far from restrooms. ALL the rest stops from our home in Buckeye to Lyndsey's Apartment are known and rated. Dirt roads in the middle of no-where is NOT something I'd ever choose. Unlike Paul, who's never seen a dirt turn off he didn't want to travel down, I like to stay in well populated areas, with clean shiny restrooms.  Eating on a travel day is not part of the plan, EVER.
Ok enough info. We set out to go the back way to Wickenburg, but I sensed more a foot. I sensed a dirt road in my future. Yes indeed! There was a Ghost town he wanted to see. Well, the ghost town was really more of a trailer town.  OUT in the middle of NO WHERE. We drove an additional 6.2 miles on a second dirt road to see a formation of rocks Paul read about in AZ Highways. He promised me it would be worth the hard drive on a dirt road in the middle of no where. I "endured" the road, camera ready, to see what I expected to be a beautiful orange formation of rocks. This is common in AZ, in the middle of no where. The road started turning and Paul said, there it is!!! 
Apparently, rail workers in 1900, with time on their hands, and extra paint, decorated this rock, to look like a skull.
Yeah, so anyway, Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Getting Pretty Loose!

Now it's out!
Settling in to watch her favorite movie with uncle Ricky

We've had a nice couple of days, Paul's birthday was spent on an adventure drive, taking me down dirt roads in middle AZ looking for old ghost towns and rocks painted as skulls. I'll post more on that day later. Thanks to Ricky for coming over to baby sit and watching out for an overnight letter that never came.... (why was I surprised?!)

The MOST important event on Paul's birthday was Sabby's first missing tooth.. AND the five dollars the tooth fairly left her. It was pretty loose and her uncle Ricky told her if she wanted it out she'd just take it out.. She gave him a look of disbelief  and proceeded to pull that tooth out. She was BEYOND excited!    She had a wonderful day with her uncle Ricky while Paul and I "enjoyed" all our drives through the wilds of AZ.

We spent today, enjoying the Irish win over Michigan. GREAT day.. GO IRISH. AND of course I rested up from my day driving  around with Paul. 

Hope you all have a wonderful  Sunday.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sending Flowers to Heaven

Paul doesn't read my blog. Acts like a 6th grader when I try to read one of them to him. So I won't go on and on about him on his birthday today. 
Years ago, I use to give my Mother-in-Law flowers on his birthday; to thank her for him.  

Paul and I had a whirlwind romance 30 some years ago. We got married only 3 1/2 months after we met at a New Years Eve Party. Yikes did I get lucky. Oh we had our moments, especially during the first 5 years. I mean where was the romance? The flowery statements? The loving and supportive words of our courtship??? Why all the Criticism? Constructive Criticism???!!!! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? 

 Our biggest challenge came only 6 months after we got married. I was pregnant with Katie soon after the wedding and so our first summer was um HORRIBLE.. We had Katie 12-15 weeks early and she weighed 1lb 13 oz.. In 1978, the odds were less than 1% we'd have a healthy "normal" child. We made it through, although Paul did tell me when we were ready to bring her home, that I'd handled it badly, by going to the hospital everyday.. That's why it had been so hard on me.. "I'm just trying", he'd say, "to help!? Why are you mad? ALL THE TIME"?!

By the 6 year mark, things had settled down. We had 3 kids by then.. To be fair, we started with Robbie so I'd had two pregnancies. 
We had Ricky a year later, and by the end of the 7th year, I understood how lucky I was/am. Once during the early 5 years of our marriage, I found an over sized whisky bottle (prop sized) in the back of the closet. In it were 3 $20.00 bills. I took it to Paul, asking what's this? He looked sheepish and explained that he'd been saving for my birthday present. The MOST romantic thing he'd ever done. I think that's when I started to "get it".

In most ways, Paul never left the 6th grade; neither have his sons or daughters. They all have their father's gift at laughter and silliness. They're the Lucky 4; The only 4 (that I know of :) ) who've ever called Paul Flocken Daddy, Dad or sometimes (to me) Asshole.

Over the years, my health has been at issue, Pre-Clampsia (sp) with Katie, Rheumatoid Arthritis in the earliest years of our marriage which turned out not to be? Graves, Multiple Sclerosis, Heart Disease. A Broken leg.  You name it. He's been through it with me. Always smiling, well almost always. It's the other spouse who really goes through hell when a partner is sick all the time.

 His children love AND Like him, His nieces and nephews love him. His sisters love him. MY parents loved him and my mom ALWAYS took his side when I'd take our fights to her. Kathie likes him ok I think. Peggy ran out of the house as he came home in 1985 shortly after we died Robbie's hair.. Hey it was the 80's. She likes him too.

The worst thing about M.S. to me, was when the nurse who taught Paul how to give me the weekly shots, referred to him as my caregiver. WHAT kind of future was there for him. That was 10 years ago. He's managed to to keep Laughter in our lives as well as romance even through the rough years my health has brought us. He is my rock and my greatest blessing. From him my four blessings and 6 grand blessings came. My laughter and optimism come from him.

I call you many things; old man, asshole, idiot, moron, honey. Mostly you are my very best friend..  So, you won't read this; but Happy Birthday Honey.
I love you. And Marie, I'm sending you flowers to Heaven from my heart today.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Air Travel

Thanks to my good friend Julee, an old relationship with Bill Me Later, and her Grand Parents' 60th Anniversary, I'm flying to Green Bay the end of this month. Well, I'm planning on it. My last plane ride was somewhat eventful... I cried from Shreveport to Dallas, and from Dallas to home, I was drunk. YES, I got drunk, That kept me sane from Dallas to Ontario.I don't recommend this as an efficient way to overcome fears. Paul REALLY didn't want me to  rent a car in Dallas and drive home, Daughter and Grand Baby in tow. On a previous flight, I stood up as the plane began to taxi and informed the attendant that I had changed my mind! The look that came over her face scared me more than the prospect of dying at 20 million feet in the air or worse and when she told me to sit DOWN, I did.

This was before the tragic events of 9/11 and after that day, I NEVER even considered flying again. I tend to get airsick when driving past an airport. Once, in May of 2002, I had to RESTRAIN MYSELF from running down that connection to the plane from the terminal to stop Lndsey from taking Makayla to Shreveport on a plane.. It was that little wave Mick gave me at the end that did it.. Caused me to almost create havoc at Ontario Airport that day. 
My beloved Sister in Law is going to Germany next week. She's brave. I worry about her but know the odds are with her.  I try NEVER to put my head into the reality of sitting at the airport waiting to board the plane.. OK FREAKING OUT HERE.

I thought about this trip yesterday, or it HIT me and I thought, OH HELL NO! I'm driving! But the tickets are paid for and I can't do that to Julee.. or can I? NO I CAN'T. I can't afford the gas, and probably couldn't stay awake that long and healthwise, it probably wouldn't be a good idea. You see, the tickets were purchased in Mid July, when September was so far away, it wasn't likely to EVER get here.. You know..

Certainly, bases on some statistic somewhere, my risk of another heart attack, this time fatal, is much higher than something awful happening on my flight.. I wonder.. YES I'd rather face another heart attack. But Julee is SO one of those people I speak of when I say I stand on the shoulders of the ones I love, to glimpse heaven. I can't miss this week... AND, I MUST be able to tell Rob & Ricky that I, ME, MOM, GRAN attended a tailgate Party at Lambo field!!! My timing is poor and I am leaving on game day, so just the tail gate party will be possible. My hope is that I may have too much to drink at the tail gate party and the ride home will be fine! 
BUT, Worry NOT dear friend, I will not disappoint you! I will NOT waste your money! I will NOT let you down! Dear family, I will also really try not to destroy our some what uncommon last name during the flight! 
Yeah and I was trying to buy tickets last month to HAWAII.. OVER AN OCEAN?! Yeah right.
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Monday, September 8, 2008

Sleeping and NOT Sleeping

I am up again, not sleeping. I'm wondering when it was I could take naps and fall asleep early. When I could be woken up after falling asleep and be right back to sleep in minutes. I remembering falling asleep while driving, or at my desk at the office. I remember NOT waking at the fireworks going off next door.. I miss that. I miss naps before bedtime and sleeping a full night afterward. Gosh I miss sleeping like Miss Pudge up there.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Good News

As it turns out, I may not have broken my arm. Second round of x-rays today and they're not finding a break. I need to continue wearing the splint, and get an MRI Monday. There's lots of fluid build up.. BUT the pain has receded substantially and I'm able to type tonight. Yipee! Who'd have thought with all that pain, there'd be no break! I'm not complaining though!
I'll be making my rounds and catching up my favorite blogs in the morning.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Darn it all

Yesterday, i went to pick Sabby from school.  I tripped on concrete/grass combo. Down I went. im in a lot of pain and a cast. Typing is hard so i'll be gone awhile.. VERY glad it wasnt my leg again. i'll be visiting but prob  no comments for awhile,

thanks for taking the time to read my blog today

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


For Makayla, It's "My Always and Forever Girl" (I will Love you Always, and I will always love you FOREVER), for Madi, it's my "Blonde Beauty", for Sabby it's always been "My Red Headed Treasure", For Izzy, it's "My Brown Eyed Beauty", for Conner, it's been  ConMan or My "Favorite Grand Son". It's taken me a while for a "nick name" to pop into my head for Sophie, it's not something I can think up it just comes.
Madi, Makayla, & Sabby have all asked me many times what Sophie is? I've never been sure.. Now, I know it.
Meet Pudge
That is unless anyone comes up with a better name!
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Izzy's Birthday

Well, it took me a while to get them all cropped and edited.. I take too many pictures I think, well maybe not, but here are just a few of the hundreds I took of Izzy's long awaited 3rd Birthday Party.. The weather was perfect and as it turned out their pool/barbecue area is a perfect place for a party. Although, the pool is quite large and Izabella, not a real strong swimmer, jumps in wherever and whenever, she had a LOT of time outs during the day and it was quite traumatic for her. At one point our Little Mermaid fan tried to show her Pappys how to swim.. Arms wrapped around her waist and feet kicking like a mermaid..
Mommy and Daddy, getting everything ready to move out to the pool.
Makayla and her Pappys.
Makayla, Abuello (sp), Sophie, Mum & Izzy, all ready for the Party

Sophie is turning into my smiling girl!
Izzy's very best friend and cousin arrives, present in tow.

This place even had a fire place! It wasn't easy getting everyone over to it for a group picture.

Opening presents, with a little help from her "friend"

Aunt Katie
Time for cake
What is UP with this business of pushing the birthday child's face in the cake?
Daddy & Madi
Sophie with Aunt Carla
Sabby is ready to go swimming!
Swimming with Daddy
Daddy and Two of his girls

Mommy and Sophie.

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Carla Michelle

Many, MANY years ago, I asked my oldest son to PLEASE find someone without baggage. Someone to fill his life with Love, Laughter and Joy.
Whether he listened to me or not, I don't know, but he did find her. The Girl that filled his life with Love Laughter and Joy.. 
I'm really glad he did!!   How Lucky you are Robbie!!!

We love you Carla !!!!!!


Rumors that She can be high maintenance, are unfounded!!!  Really!!! 
Even though she takes and KEEPS pictures of her wonderful Mother-in-Law SLEEPING or bending over..