Sunday, April 6, 2008

Getting Ready

On April 15th, Paul and I will be married for 30 years. Gosh that's more than half my life! Our 30 years together have been filled with challenges, and touched by Grief and Sorrow; Mostly, though,  they've been filled with Joy and Laughter and an ever growing Love.  Our kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews, my sister from Phoenix, Paul's sister from Camp Verde and close friends from my previous job are getting together to celebrate this milestone.  30 years isn't a typically big Anniversary for Parties, but the Party we'd always planned to throw on our 25th wasn't possible as we were in the middle of our move from Murrieta to Phoenix and well, with my recent health history, I figured, why wait for the 40th?
Two days ago I noticed DIRTY BASEBOARDS through out the house and things just got worse from there. Katie and I got busy yesterday and Sabby and Ricky soon joined the cleaning Crew.
"Working" with Little Sabby is quite an experience; I find myself smiling and eventually running for the camera. I taught her how to properly dust chairs and the dinning room table yesterday as her Nana taught her Gran 50 years ago. She did a very good job and during her hard work, we chatted. Actually Sabby chattered. Most of her sentences start with either Gran? or Well.  The subjects ranged from "This dusting is AMAZING" and GRAN?... I think I'm worried I'll miss you a lot when my Mommy and I are ready to move; she really knew how to get Gran with , "Gran"?  " Yes Sabby"  "I really love you Gran". 
 After doing a "fabulous job" with the chairs and table,  went on to help clean the kitchen cabinets. I told her that Maple was her Nana's favorite wood and that's why our kitchen cabinets were Maple so we clean them with a special cleaner.  Sabby's method of spraying cabinet cleaner is the close up and use the whole bottle approach.  
When she finished her Amazing job cleaning cabinets, she wanted more work to do. I decided to switch from spray cleaners to wipes and set her to work   cleaning the many picture frames in the entry. She was ready for a break shortly after that. Ricky is reviewing the area we will be using to set up the bar. :)
I busied myself mostly with trying to unclog our unclogable vacuum hose and then realizing that wasn't the vacuum that works anyway, and cleaning many of our nick-nacs. Once I finally notice the dirt, I get pretty crazy trying to clean everything. 
Getting Oma's 25 year Anniversary  cups ready to pass on to Sandi and Jim who celebrated 25 years the end of March. These cups were, I believe, used by Sandi and Paul's Grand Parents on the occasion of their 25th Anniversary some 60 years ago.

 Getting Sam cleaned and ready  for his place on the bar; holding our Tecela (sp). Before anyone might take offense, Sam is a gift from our son in law, Victor, who is from Mexico.
Today we do taxes YIKES and maybe get ourselves to Costco to look for paper supplies in bulk.
Thanks for taking the time to read my post today.


lyndsey27 said...

Ricky clean someone needs to get a picture of that lol

cflocken said...

I totally think there should be a picture posted! I'll bring the camera!

cflocken said...

Okay I put the wrong comment here before. I want a picture of the hair! But I'm wondering who named Sam. Shouldn't he have a name like Jose, Juan or Elmer???