Monday, April 28, 2008

Six Today

How could it be already! That today you turn 6 Sabrina Cristine! 
A long hard awful day watching your mommy in so much pain and "no progress". Then suddenly the epidural to end Mommy's pain went "in too deep?" "went the wrong way?" and mommy couldn't breathe. So you came into this world during an emergency Sabby.
And worry, anger, fear and sorrow were replaced in an instant with unbelievable joy, when the doctor told me you and Mommy were just fine.
And to joy, we added Laughter and tears when the doctor answered my next question with a smile and a yes...."Is She a Red Head?" 
You my little Red Headed Treasure have filled our lives with laughter and joy for 6 years now. From your Great Escapes through windows when you were 18 months; Singing your self to sleep.  Your temper tantrum during Aunt Lyndsey's Wedding when you were two. "Sharing" Birthdays with Uncle Ricky, who will turn 23 tomorrow.  I learn so much from our conversations when I walk you home from school, or when I hear you play "by yourself?" when you're alone in your room.  Your Gran knows how quickly time goes and I know I will smile when I remember today and the Birthday Breakfast Order you gave Pappys this morning 10 years from today when  you get your drivers license. Pancakes with Sugar and Syrup Pappys! and Cut up Nicely.
Happy Birthday Honey. We love you forever and Always.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

6 months Old.. 
With Pappys early 2004
Fixing Gran's Hair with Cousin Makayla Early 2004
Trimming the Tree with Pappys 12/05
Smiling at Gran, this morning!

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Sandy said...

Betty, what a great tribute to Sabby and wonderful photos. She is such a doll!! Happy Birthday to her..

My email is not allowing me to get my messages. Keeps saying slow in loading email and never does. My preview window shows an email sitting in there from you but I can't retrieve it!!

It's been busy around here, I'll contact you later on my other email address which I don't want to put on the blog...