Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cooking with Betty....Sort of

Being that Katie was married for almost 4 years to a man who controlled all the money.. That SHE earned and would not allow her to buy food (he ate out with his friends every night) other than what she needed one day at a time, Katie never really learned how to cook for a family. To be honest, I didn't cook that much when I worked. Paul beat me home by 3 hours and I usually walked in to a full house and dinner ready. I had my meals but Katie didn't show much interest in learning..soo. I digress.
Since I'm home all day and even though Paul swears he doesn't hate me for sitting home on my back side all day while he works, I still think he should probably come home to dinner. I've decided lately to um take Katie under my wing and teach her to cook. Sadly, I'm not much of one. I've always enjoyed reading other blogs where they give cooking tutorials complete with Pictures! Not to be Outdone and sure to humiliate myself :) 
Here's Stuffed Bell Peppers a la Betty ! :)
Sabby's Ready to Learn too!
Yes I use Hamburger Not Turkey. Fry up the Hamburger with Onions

Add the Tomato  Sauce and Sloppy Joe Packets 
Sabby's Checking out the Peppers
Rice for However many People will be eating
Slice off the tops of the Green Peppers

Fill them with the Sloppy Joe Sauce Mix

Yeah... Sabby Got Bored

Bake for about 15 minutes or until the Cheese melts
This really doesn't look very pretty
Serve with Canned Pears ... Or healthier fruits 

In our case, Sabby enjoyed the Sloppy Joes On Hot Dog Buns!
Thanks everyone for reading my Blog today.  :)


mig bardsley said...

That looks wonderful! And now I have an idea for dinner tomorrow :)
Thanks for visiting my blog Betty :) Your grand daughter is beautiful:)

Sandy said...

hahahah Sabby got bored. She reallly is a cutie!! Loved the tutorial (I too like blogs that do this)... They look yummy.