Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Faces I Love and Miss

What an incredibly beautiful day here in Buckeye. Hard to believe they're predicting low 90's by Saturday. I spent some time in the yard "cleaning". It's like another room to straighten and clean sometimes. Oh yeah and I remember why you don't empty the bag of shock if you're down wind of the bag!
How DO you keep your cute butt with That Diet?

  I just learned I could upload videos... This is My personal favorite!

Right now I'm SO excited. I just heard from Lanette (my niece);  they're (Lanette, my nephew Scott & Great Niece Brianne) landing at Sky Harbor tonight and Ricky and I along with Sabby will be driving to meet them and wait for Sandra and Steven (my niece and nephew and their little boy, my great Nephew Jake) to land. Hugs and kisses all around then they'll take off to Camp Verde to Aunt Sandi's house where they'll visit for a couple of days until Saturday.... The
Big Day.
Just because.. I thought I'd post a picture of the faces I miss so much and will be seeing on
I am getting so excited. 
Have a good day everyone and thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

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Sandy said...

Great photos and I hope the day is wonderful!!