Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Birthdays Birthdays

So it's been twenty-three years today Ricky. My youngest and my only blue eyed baby. You happily share your birthday with your little niece only you try to insist that her birthday be only about her. Your Older brother marvels that the parents who raised him are the same who raised you. Once, upon hearing him comment, I simply shrugged my shoulders and said "I'm tired Robbie" I'm so tired.. :)
From the first day you spoke, you argued. Me saying No, was always simply the starting point for your negotiations. You NEVER lied, you simply "beat me down" until I said yes. Going to "hang out" at the beach was always a No to your brother and sisters. I assume today, that there were times when I UNDERSTOOD your siblings to be at the movies or with a friend and they were actually "hanging" at the beach; at night. Once after a particularly bad hour with you and your "negotiations", "explanations" and "arguments", I had agreed to let you go to the beach that night with friends. As  I lay "bloodied" and exhausted on the couch, I heard you upstairs talking to the girl who wanted to go too. "No" I heard you say "you're not going to lie to your mom. I'll go with you and talk to her with you." I simply sighed as I lay there and quietly laughed, thinking, whoever that poor women is - she's screwed!
Your honesty reflects your bright star Ricky. You are honest in all things and in all ways. People are drawn to you. I know why - It's the light that shines from you. Your goodness. Your kindness. I remember you were willing to be suspended to defend a friend when you were young. Your questions about life when you were 5, 6 & 7.
My wish for you tonight is that you always walk in the light - banishing the dark shadows that can lurk when you least expect them. 
I love you.. My Vegas Baby... for always and for ever.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

My brand new baby boy 4/29/1985

Robbie teaching you to Crawl

You were 5
Senior Year
Sr. Picture
February 2003 ... A real sad day
Your Nieces and Nephew ADORE you Uncle Ricky
You make us so Proud

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Sandy said...

What a great set of photos honoring Ricky. He just looks like a fun son, brother and Uncle..

Happy Birthday to him and fun seeing him on the day he was born.