Thursday, April 3, 2008

Beans Make You Fart!

 Living with Sabby these last two years has been a series of discoveries. One thing, I've discovered, is that We live with Sabby, she does not live with her Gran & Pappys. I hope she sees life this way forever. The weather has gotten warmer here in the Valley and Paul has taken to doing work around the yard without his shirt. A couple of days ago, Sabrina was playing in the yard while he worked and in a voice that carried far into the other yards on the street, advised her Pappys that she could see his Privates!!! Paul was startled into silence even though his first thought was to loudly inform her and any neighbors who might have heard that "NO SHE COULDN'T"  Yesterday while he took a break from yard work, and sat shirtless by the pool, admiring his freshly cut lawn, Sabrina walked by, glanced over at him and as she continued walking said "Pappys put on a shirt".. She does have such a talent of reminding us of our proper place in this world. 
Since Paul had yesterday off, we decided to grill up the last of the Mickey Mouse Hamburgers and finish off some left over beans for dinner. Just Pappys, Gran and Sabby. She wanted no part of the beans; something she usually enjoys. Paul was teasing her by pretending to add some to her plate. She started reaching with her fork only to pull back. Finally she tilted her head, reached over, grabbed the plate, started eating and announced in her "all knowing wisdom" ... Gran, Beans make you FART.  I've learned to NEVER try to guess what's going on in her little Red Head.
I should confess here that Paul has already taught Sabby how to make the "Fart Sound" with her mouth, so we weren't really shocked. We just laughed at her wisdom and her real reason for initially turning her nose up at the thought of eating beans.
It's good, no wonderful, to have such ready access to this five year old's thoughts; especially through the eyes of a GrandMother. 
I should also confess now that, without thought Paul and I both burst into song, teaching Sabby the Bean Song... Beans Beans the Tropical Fruit, the more you eat.....
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

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lyndsey27 said...

aaawww our lil red, she so cute