Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Great, Just Great

I woke up yesterday feeling kind of scratchy. I worried for a while I was getting sick but over the course of the morning; I started feeling better and decided it was allergies. Yesterday Evening I accepted I might have a small cold. This morning I woke up SICK. I can't remember the last time I had a bad cold.. Of course that's not something I would remember anyway so it could have been in February... and here we are 4 days before the big weekend I wake up and in the words of my niece Kat, I'm sicky. The kind that starts in your chest and goes right into the bad cough and cold.
Shortly before it got dark last night; I looked out onto the freshly cleaned yard and saw white pieces of something all over the yard. Closer inspection showed me that Shane (Our Border Collie Puppy) had relieved us of one of our pillows and emptied the contents throughout the yard... I JUST CLEANED THAT "ROOM"! 
It's Tuesday and I just remembered we forgot yesterday, to call the rental people to firm up the rental of a couple of tables for Saturday. We still don't know if we're getting a jumper for the kids or not and the Temperature WILL reach the 90's by Saturday. Any sons, daughters, nieces or nephews and friends reading this post who are planning on coming this weekend... Bring the bathing suits!
I'm going to make a very short list of what I should do today and crawl back to bed! 
Have a good day everyone and thanks for reading my blog today.


Sandy said...

Well heck...you stop that right now!! No getting sick. ~~~

Sorry to read that and maybe it will turn out to be some kind of allergy that will leave soon.

I forget how warm your area gets this time of year. I think we will be in the 80's by the weekend. It's been chilly and cloudy here for about a week except for some sun yesterday.

get well SOON....


cflocken said...

You've got to love puppies!