Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Long Day

Well, My list got longer and I guess all that hard work I did today helped me feel better! 
Driveway Washed down - CHECK; Weeds in Front pulled - CHECK; Floors Vacuumed  and Washed -- CHECK (All 1.5 square miles of them!); Laundry done - CHECK;  Pictures copied, edited and transferred to new picture frame from Rob and Carla - CHECK ( actually, I can put many more in - but my neck hurts!)
On the list that won't get done today - Pull weeds in backyard; food shopping & Backyard clean up after Shane. - That's what tomorrow is for. Besides, I needed my three hour nap to recover from all that work this morning-- CHECK!
I've posted a couple of my 30 years of memories pics here. 
 Wedding Day Bliss

New Flocken Family 4/78
  12/06 Present from my kids

Tombstone 1998
 January 05

August 02
Easter 2005

Gran's Miracle 12/04

Ah yes... Time takes its toll.
Paul and Me Lyndsey & Victor's Wedding
Ricky, Katie, Rob & Lyndsey 4/05

Pappys, Gran and the "Crew) 4/05

Not enough here of my son and daughter in law. You guys know who loves ya! You're in the MOVING picture! 

Hope you all had a great day today. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.


Sandy said...

That was fun seeing photos of you and Paul and the younger days. Cute kids...well..the whole family is looking good.

Sounds like a lot got done. My sister, her daughter, and the baby Hannah, are coming into town this weekend. I need to get busy cleaning also...

Hannah and Cayden are 2 months apart so we are anxious to see them playing together.

SandraS said...

I would like to see more wedding photos. One of my best memories about my dad is from your wedding. I wanted to dance at your wedding, but was too shy with that big group and I remember it all looked so fancy to me. My daddy told me that if I danced this one song with Robby, he would give me $5. I waited and waited and then finally broke down and danced. Robby and I had so much fun we danced the whole night. When I went to get my $5 my dad said, but honey, that was for that one song. You know, the one you didn't dance too and winked. He tricked me and it was the best trick. I will never forget your wedding. It was the best time and you looked like Cinderella. I love you and Unc Unc more than you can ever know and am blessed to remember your wedding day. Sandra

Sandy said...

Hi Betty, In 1998 we went to Tombstone often while my dad lived there. He lived less than a block from Crystal Palace. You look like you participated in the street show...did you?? From looking at the costumes and you, I swear I saw you there...

We use to make the circuit because dad loved his beer; Legends, Vogans, Crystal Palace, and another one I can't remember the name...right down from Crystal Palace.


Sandy said...

finally remember...dad lived behind Nellie Cashman's. There was a little walkway with a gate running down the side of the building. He lived in one of the small cottages...

The name was bugging me...finally came to me.

cflocken said...

I LOVE the pictures! Wow how the kids have grown!