Friday, April 4, 2008

You can't color Dark with Light, no really you can't!

For any of you who don't know; my natural hair color is white; not gray - I'm one of them who went white; early.  Well I have a bad habit of occasionally deciding to color my hair - Kind of a light auburn the color, sort of, my hair before the graying process started in my early 20's.
Then, because I can't stand the white streak that appears within 2.5 weeks and the constant touch ups, I try stripping my hair color back to white.. Well, either the products have changed or I've gotten more stupid with age, because my hair will fry before the yellows and oranges are gone. 
This time when deciding I would go back to white FOREVER, I really did an awful job. 
My hair still has snow white roots; auburn stripes, yellow stripes and oh yes, Orange bangs.
No problem, I'll just color with blond; I'm reminded again what that girl told me a few years back in the beauty supply store, "You can't cover Dark with Light Ma'am". Kind of snippy.  I still see white roots; auburn stripes (not the nice vertical ones - the horizontal ones), yellow stripes and my bangs are still Orange.. Except for the snow white roots.
Any more bleaching could prove very bad for my fried, multi-colored hair and there are way way more other things on which to spend 100.00 this week than professional hair color repair... like some of my prescriptions now long over due for renewal. Have I ever bitched here on the cost of CO PAYS for some of this stuff?!

My kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews will be here next weekend to help Paul and I celebrate our 30th. I hope to get a family portrait.. hmm - there's a memory. (Is that a HAT on Gran's head?)
So, I guess, it's back (for NOW) to an inexpensive - darker color.
To those of you with Real lives I know this is silly and inconsequential but there you go.
No pictures today - 
Thanks for taking the time ... Really thanks, to read my blog today.

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cflocken said...

What a crazy little girl! I love her!