Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Right of Passage

Seems to me that Little Girls, at some point, when they're between 3 & 6 will get their hands on a pair of scissors regardless of how careful Mom or Dad ... Or Gran are. My daughters did. Katie, being 2.5 years older than Lyndsey, cut Lyndsey's hair twice; once, even cutting her ear.
Katie had thin hair which I kept in a little bob. Lyndsey's hair was long, going all the down her back by the age of 3. In my
 case, it was Katie's jealousy that caused the HAIRCUT FROM HELL and got rid of Lyndsey's long curls. In Sabby's case, twice now, it's been curiosity. Friday night she had a playdate with a little friend. According to Sabby.... They EACH cut their own hair. These Pictures are of Sabby after the trip to Fantastic Sams to "fix" the problem. She feels positively grown up.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.
Giving Gran the Big Smile with her new bangs  

The back is layered now like a grown up lady

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Sandy said...

Not having had any girls I never knew how fun it was for them to get together and cut their hair.

Her haircut is a real cute one for her face..fits her perfect.