Sunday, April 6, 2008

Memories of this special day

Today marks 7 years since the day Aunt Kathie, Aunt Carla, Aunt Aly and I made memories together. We started  out looking at new houses in Murrieta. This we did while waiting for Kaiser to "be ready" for Lyndsey to be admitted for an induced labor. Little .. well at 9.7 pounds, she wasn't so little.. Makayla was going to be born. I wanted April 6th to be her birthday; Her Grammy in Louisiana wanted the 7th. We were both happy for either day was almost here after many false alarms, we were 2 weeks past her due date.
That night I slept through the slumber party in Lyndsey's room as we waited for her Cervix to dilate. Carla, Aly & Lyndsey stayed up late talking about all sorts of inappropriate things.. so I've been told. They had a great time. We'd brought the Motor home for tired coaches to get some rest during the long night ahead. Not sure if Carla or Aly used it.. But either way.
You were MUCH anticipated Makayla and the world awaited you with much joy and love; from   

Louisiana to Las Vegas to Murrieta, to 
San Diego there was much excitement to welcome you to this world. You've been a joy to us all for 7 years now and it all began (well sort of) this afternoon; Friday April 6th, 2001.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

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Sandy said...

Betty, nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I use to go out to your area a lot, usually to Temecula. I remember a certain spa mineral springs out there and I think it had a bookstore, right off the 15 that I would stop at. Then I believe a Christian foundation of some kind bought the property.

I read a few posts and it seems like we have some things in, grandkids, and white hair (grey)..haha..and that WAS an interesting post to read. I can relate with that...

I'll be back.