Thursday, July 31, 2008


Scott is my nephew. On Paul's side - The "Flocken/Radliff" Branch of the family. When Paul and I had been married for a little less than 2 years, Scott who was 13 came to live with us for a year while going to 8th Grade at the Lutheran School his Uncle Paul went to. We grew close that year, having many holidays together, special occasions and family gatherings. I smile today, no I laugh out loud today, when I remember Paul and Scott wrestling in our hallway, Scott going through the wall and me running out of the kitchen, yelling at Scott. I also laugh when I remember the look on Scotts face, when after spending the entire morning polishing my good silver, I poured manicotti all over it..   Because of lies and half truths, shortly after that year, Scott and I didn't speak for over 15 years.  I learned a couple of very painful and very expensive lessons.. 1) if someone tells me something in confidence that someone else Or an entire branch of the family said about me--- I would stop them and tell them I WOULD speak to the person who made the comments if they continue.. 2) People can appear slow witted when they're really very conniving and potentially kind of evil. My own stupidity and hurt feelings cost me so many years with people I love so much. Rather than continuing to dwell on those lost years, I push the pain of the loss down and celebrate the years since 2001 and earlier that I've had with my No Cal Branch of the family. These are special people and when you find yourself around them, you cannot help feel safe and protected in the warmth, comfort and safety of their love.
Scott is the one who WILL throw you into the pool even if it's a wedding. Scott is the one, who can turn the most well mannered young man (my older son Robb) into the side kick helping him in his mischief just by standing next to him. Scott is the nephew who calls his Aunt Sandie or Aunt Betty every so often  just to see how we're doing.  Scott is the person who puts a smile on  my face when I see his name on caller i.d. Scott is the one who's bonded with Lyndsey so closely these years because she's JUST LIKE HIM.. (you are honey). Scott is  one very very smart AND lucky young man, He married Lanette.
I cherish every visit, I cherish every phone call and I've cherished each year since our "reunion" in 2001, when Makayla was 2 months and Brianne was 3 months. Memories of Our anniversary, Jake's Baptism, Lyndsey's wedding and all the other occasions and time spent together make me smile each and every time they pop up.
Happy Birthday Scott; Quite by accident I actually got the right day!!
OK I called three days ago to apologize for missing yet another birthday.... How happy to realize it was today. Enjoy your Mexican food for lunch.
Love you
Aunt Betty


Lyndsey said...

Aww i love it. Yes Scott your one in a 10000000000000 Billon lol

Carla Flocken said...

I'd have to agree with Lyn!

Sandy said...

Very nice post and tribute to Scott.

The Broken Man said...

Lovely story, Thanks,

The Broken Man