Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Puffy White Clouds

We've finished painting the cowboy room. Just need to finish hanging the rest of Paul's pictures.... He's got a lot of them. There were a couple of things that I noticed right away. 
1. I've finally found a use for the treadmill Paul bought "ME" for my birthday a few years ago.
2. It's darker now in the corners and on the edge. I'm pretty sure that'd be me not mixing the paint that well, and then Paul, remixing.. 

The view from my window this afternoon is beautiful and from my Airconditioned office, I see Puffy white clouds and the Palo Verde tree outside my window blowing a bit in the breeze. It looks like a beautiful spring day... from inside my airconditioned office.

Paul and I had errands to run this morning, and we had Sabby. Our brief stop at Office max netted her a writing pad, post-it "'thingys" and a math book for first graders. And we also got the binder Paul needed and our initial reason for going. Her behavior is becoming more grown up and she even managed to sound like Gran when leaving the store. She told Pappys and Gran that "that" was enough... ending our minor bickering. 
She's so good most days while staying with Gran, that I should probably worry that one day I may leave on an errand and forget she's coloring in her room..It could happen you know.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.


Sandy said...

The room looks really nice. Had to laugh at Sabby getting on you two!! ha

Carla Flocken said...

The room looks great! And I love what you've done with the treadmill. I think I'll do the same with our ab-lounge!