Saturday, July 26, 2008


This picture was taken at California Pizza Kitchen in Temecula. Paul and I had lunch with Lyndsey, Rob & Carla last Sunday before leaving for home. Since we had Sabby with us, All six of our perfect Grandchildren were there.  We ate on the patio as we always do.  Keeping 5 rug rats harnessed for 1.5 hours while we order, wait, eat and visit, isn't fair, let alone possible. They tend to run around and I've always thought the empty patio is best for everyone; Especially other CPK Customers.     
Lyndsey met Victor at CPK when she was a food server. Ricky worked there as a server for awhile too. It's become a "family hangout" for us and I enjoy being there. The food is different; newish.. Something I used to refer to as SO Newport Beach.. Now, I might say, So NORTH SCOTTSDALE.. :) Barbecue Chicken on  my Pizza or Gorgonzola salad on my pizza is NOT my thing. I also put butter on my bread as I can't see dipping my bread in oil.. THAT is so NPB.  They do make a killer adult Mac &  Cheese though and a great Hawaiian Pizza. Paul, being a much more adventurous eater, loves the varied types of Pizza.Since I have nothing of value to say today, and since that doesn't stop me from posting, I thought I'd post some photos of how Flocken Grandchildren "behave" while out to eat. Yeah.. They don't REALLY behave, but that's ok with Gran. After Lunch, we went in search of the camera store where Carla could look at the camera she wants while I looked at new and wondrous lenses to covet. The Camera store is gone (the toy store is there); We had a good time anyway.

The kids found a hole and were taking turns checking things out with Carla's Flashlight
Conner loves all things Cars and Trains

Part of my Crew

Kisses from Conner for Sophie and Aunt Lyndsey

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.


Lyndsey said...

AAwwww i love it

Julee Marie Photography said...

I agree with you about the different things they put on pizza, i'll take cheese please! lol.. looks like you guys had a great time.

Jim said...

Looks like a great crew. BBQ chicken pizza is great BTW. LOL.

Sandy said...

Well you have a lovely crew there.

I always enjoy the family pics you put up. The kids are so adorable.

I always enjoy my Temecula trips. I need to do that soon, just to visit old town.