Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Best of Plans

We started the day with the best of plans. Going to the AZ Science Center. One of the exhibits I was sure the kids (including Lyndsey and I) would LOVE is the Humans and Animals Grossology exhibit. We presented it to the kids in such a way they HAD to love it. They did.
After nearly two hours we made it out the door with a few stops to make before heading off to the city. I had to stop and pick up my monthly (almost all of them) prescriptions, we need to pick up an inexpensive stroller in case Izzy got tired and we planned to stop in next door to Toys R Us and see Pappys at work.
By the time we reached the corner, we'd decided to cut those plans in half.. Just get my meds and we'd be off. Within another mile, the kids asked at least 5 times how long the "Museum" would last and they could come home and swim.. Plans changed again and we decided to run a few of the errands I had, and get an early start in the morning. When we stopped in to see Paul, after picking up my meds, he said he had the day off tomorrow and wanted to do something FUN.. like the Grand Canyon..
 So, maybe Lyndsey and I will go to the children's exhibit sometime on our own.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today


Carla Flocken said...

Sounds my life! Very cute story! Give the Lopez four kisses and hugs from me!

Julee said...

Lol, it's too hot to go running around town like that anyway... go swimming! :-) miss you!

Sandy said...

Darling photo!!! The best laid plans......ha..

have fun tomorrow.