Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer Birthday

Well today is the 17th.. 9 years ago we got a call from Rob and Carla. Madison Renee was coming. ON her due date to boot. She came on the 18th! Paul took the picture of the first time I held her. Miss Madi, my first Grandchild; ALWAYS, you'll be my oldest Grand Child. My Blonde Beauty, with her Daddy's smile.
My special Madi; through you I got to watch your Daddy's first 4 years. What a gift you are. Through you I remember imagination; (Let's pretend the pool is giant eel spit and we're trapped in it's stomach) and daydreams;
I think you have vision far beyond the rest of us sweetie.
You are Special Madi. I see a lot of Mommy in your Spirit. I see Daddy in your spirit as well.....
Like your mommy going to a "meeting" your first week of Kindergarten to discuss some behavior issues... I LOVE IT
Pappys and I love you. Always and Forever. We'll see you in two days.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.
April 2007, upon driving past a local dairy, you exclaimed.. "LOOK AT ALL THE BUTTS"
Taken by Daddy at a Padre's Game with Mommy June 08
Taken by Mommy, July 08
You hadn't seen Gran yet when I found you with my Telephoto Lens
June 08 at the Beach


Carla Flocken said...

Look at my angel! I love it! I'll make sure Madi gets to read this tonight! Thanks for making such a wonderful post about my great kid!!!

Betty Flocken said...

Thanks for having such a great Kid!!!

Sandy said...

Wonderful tribute and great photos. She is special, one can tell!! happy birthday to Madi.

mig bardsley said...

Lovely girl :)
Lovely photos (especially the last one)

Julee said...

She's such a pretty girl. Happy Birthday Madi! You have a wonderful gran!

Mima said...

I especially love the one where she is on the beach with the red bars. She sounds like an amazing child, and you are very lucky to have her in your life!