Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Monday

Madi's 9th Birthday Party was an awesome occasion. The day was beautiful and I NEEDED a jacket when evening came. 65 degrees Saturday evening after a 90 degree day. Wonderful. We had a great time and had a chance to visit Carla's Family as well. Madi was beautiful and I think I saw her in 4 different outfits (including a Pirate Costume) during the course of the day.  Yesterday we met at CPK for lunch and had a great couple of hours at the mall. I've spent about 4 hours this morning trying to edit the multitude of photos I took. I'm afraid I didn't do very well with exposure issues this weekend. 
Hope you all had a great weekend. 
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.


Carla Flocken said...

Very cute pics! And yes, she did have on at least 3 outfits (two separate baithing suits)!

Jim said...

Sometimes the exposure just doesnt matter. Great pics.

Sandy said...

Betty, these are fantastic and that top pic is wonderful!!

Glad you had a good time and I was so surprised at how cool are evenings are right now, and our mornings.