Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Grammy Conquers Her Fear OR Fun at the Water Park

In a town where temperatures soar well into the 100's, a common site around Phoenix is the Water Park. I remember them from CA for years.. The BIG BIG Water Slide seen from the Freeway. In the years since my kids were young, they've brought these places to a great new level. Not one slide but an entire park of water fun. Some really big slides down to the smaller slides made for BIG six year olds with red hair who lost her nerve getting on that bigger slide with Grammy and Ema. 
Instead of coming the the slide via the water slide, Sabby lost her nerve along with some dignity and Grammy/Aunt Kathie brought her down the stairs. Aunt Kathie told me quietly she was almost relieved she didn't have to go down that slide too. Well as it turns out, She was afraid.
Grammy & Ema

This smaller slide was much more suited to Sabby. The slide was located in the Congo Rapids section, where Gran (that'd be me) went in the water too.. WITH my camera so I was real worried about slipping. ONLY in Phoenix where the temperatures are closer to those in hell, would I don a bathing suite AND go out in a public place in said bathing suit. Not sure why my red head thought the goggles were necessary. She'll HATE this picture some day... which is why I'm keeping it.
Grammy, Ema, Kat  Sabby pause in their day of fun for a picture for Gran. Sabby's drinking a blue icee Popa bought her..
Which resulted in blue teeth for the above photo.
Before leaving the park, Grammy (that'd be Kathie) said she was facing that first slide no matter what, BEFORE we left... 

So up the stairs they went again.. This time, I informed the Sabbs she was staying down with Gran, since Aunt Kathie had had enough step exercise for the day.
First, Ema, water slide rider extraordinaire came roaring down the center slide.. This was not, by the way, the biggest slide Ema conquered yesterday.

Then, after a bit of a pause, where Uncle Rob and I thought maybe she'd be coming down the stairs after all, Aunt Kathie aka Grammy, came roaring down the slide, face filled with terror. But come down she did! Well Done Kathie!  Gran did NOT come down the slide. Only the little ones for Gran yesterday. As a note here... There IS a better picture of you coming down that slide Kathie, but in keeping our relationship close and loving... I WONT post it on my blog.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.


Abraham Lincoln said...

What a lovely set of photos on this post. It really is remarkable what they have done with Water Parks. And where you live they would be popular. Believe it or not, they wanted to put one here along I-70 where we live but the voters turned them down because they felt the park would attract the wrong kind of people. Well, we still have the heat and humidity here and no water park.

Abraham Lincoln
—Brookville Daily Photo.

Jim said...

Looks like everyone had fun. Just seeing the water and smiling faces makes it feel just a bit cooler here. We have a water park here but its so big, crowded and 75 miles away.

Kathie said...

Wasn't so terrified, actually. Just a bit nervous I was going to break a bone, or worst yet, pee my pants! It was great fun - glad you could spend it with us.

Give Sabby a hug. We are off today for the horse back riding adventure in the mountains!

The Broken Man said...

Looks like you all had a fab day. My poor wife loves water parks, and says that the only downside to being pregnant is that you're not allowed to ride the slides :(

The Broken man

Carla Flocken said...

Too Fun! I wish we were there! Next time we come out, we'll have to go!

Julee Marie Photography said...

Looks great, next time I wanna see "GRAN" on the slide.. lol... such fun though..

Sandy said...

You have such a fun family...
that's great.