Friday, July 11, 2008

Thursday Night.. OK Friday Morning

Approaching Storm
I'm so relieved now. Made it to and from the doctor appt yesterday and it wasn't as bad as I thought. It's always a problem when dealing with Disability and all things related. I make jokes about it; but loosing memory and being a burden is a big fear for me. On the other hand despite my other problems, Social Security is zoning in on cognitive problems; declaring me able to work if I don't have a major problem. So it's always a catch 22 for me. The Dr. had a dog who sat next to me on the couch during the questioning. He (the dog) behaved very well, but I was never sure if he was speaking to me or his dog. Some of his questions about my social life, left me with a sense that I had scored low on social behavior.. Oh well, I consider my life full and filled with people I love.
Yesterday started out cloudy; steamy. This usually means  we will certainly have major monsoon storms.. OR that nothing at all will happen. 
I left Downtown Phoenix at nearly 6:00 pm, headed home,  and saw black clouds to the north, south and west of me.  I watched the storms with a nervous eye all the way home, while singing at the top of my lungs along with George Harrison (my sweet lord, give me hope) as well as some great new songs from P.S. I love you. I really do hope that my side windows are as tinted as my back windows.
Shortly after arriving home the skies opened and Buckeye had the most rain we've had in two years. My yard is still wet along with my patio. 
It's early here but despite my warm glass of milk (sorry Carla) I'm awake now and not having any luck sleeping tonight.
Ambien is out now since my behavior was never trustworthy when taking it and precautions I took NOT to be on line or up weren't working....Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts and words.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.


mig bardsley said...

Glad you got through the appoinment ok.
My sympathy about the catch 22 situation! This seems so unfair!

Julee said...

I'm glad you made it home ok. I wish I was there to give you a big hug. Enjoy the rain when you can!

Kathie said...

Can I have the rest of your Ambien?

kathie said...

PS - Will you please send the picture (storm clouds)to me. It is a great shot - well done!

Sandy said...

Glad you're done with that appointment. And his dog sat next to you, and wow, if you wondered if he was talking to you or the dog, maybe he is the one with problems.

Sounds like quite a storm and that photo is gorgeous.

Does this mean you will be going back to work?

Betty Flocken said...

No Sandy, I'm getting private disability but have to keep appealing SS turn downs. I hear eventually you get approved. People without private policies can't usually go this long without some form of income and give up. :) I think it's time for a change.

Jim said...

You should have looked at the dog and asked if the Doc was talking to you or it.

Great picture, they even showed the weather radar here for Arizona showing the storm, guess it was a big deal, most in 2 years.

Abraham Lincoln said...

Just gorgeous photo of the clouds. I also read your post and hope things will work out for you. I wonder sometimes about people who are professionals and keep pets in where patients might be for a lot of reasons that probably don't make sense.

I came to say, thanks, for visiting my better writing blog but wanted you to know that a visit to my main blog would be like walking into the sunshine.

And it would explain why this day is so special for me and Patty. We have been married for 53 years today.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo blog.