Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Time really does go by too fast

School starts in AZ early.. Too Early I think. In our District it seems to be the first Wednesday of August.. Today. Sabby will be in first grade. I guess the reason I'm feeling a bit melancholy about all this is that it seems like there hasn't been enough time since we took her mommy school clothes shopping (or was that the year I made all her clothes?) and she started 1st grade in Ms Ruben's Class?  I know in a blink of an eye, Sabby will be graduating from high school then hopefully on to college.
Sabbs is very worried she's not smart enough for the first grade.. I've explained about a million times that first grade is built on what she learned in Kindergarten, but to no avail. I've had that same conversation with other grand children and my own children many times.
Grade school, the teachers and administrators were not kind to my daughters. They had  dyslexia and were labeled very young and unknown to me, that first year,  basically warehoused in the Chino Schools. Our move to Murrieta Schools really was a rescue for them.
I guess I worry the same will happen with my grand daughters as well. There is NO indication any of them have it.. but I'll go ahead an worry anyway.
So we'll take the camera and get the pictures because this really is a BIG day. If I really want to get sad, I only have to remember that, Madi will be in FOURTH grade in two weeks! and is NOT wanting me to go to her first day of school... very independent our Madi..  And Makayla will be going into SECOND grade next week.... Sophie is already scooting! Izabella is turning THREE in two weeks........
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.


Jim said...

Boy, that is early. Our school waited until the last Tuesday of August because of the heat, and that was in Illinois. I went to the same schools a my Mother did when she was growing up. When I got to High School the teachers were the same ones that taught her. They remembered her, and I dont think it was cause she was smart.

Rick said...

Thanks for paying me the complement of a return visit.

Yes, they do grow up too quickly, as you saw my three beautiful daughters. The youngest is a senior in High School. We were talking about college just yesterday and she was crying as she was a bit afraid to leave home. I will cry buckets when she does.

Sandy said...

That does seem to early for school to start. I have a pic I got up at Lake Gregory and I swear your Sabby snuck away and was playing on a raft. I saw her, really!! ha.

Betty Flocken said...

Considering her "Magical" powers, It's VERY possible you did see her!! LOL