Friday, August 15, 2008

And Yet, We need to Water Our Lawn This Morning

We were surrounded last night Dark Clouds got darker; Lightening was striking and Thunder was constant. The Wind was blowing and we had a tree blow over. The Pool had waves. 
I came in, Shut down the computer (just in case) and prepared for wild rainstorms. Avondale got a lot of rain; Good year (right next door to Buckeye) got rain. Phoenix had flooding.
More Wind, Blowing Dust and more lightening, more thunder.. and NO RAIN. Just a big mess.
AND we had to water our dying lawn.... Yet Again
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.


Sandy said...

Great photos of the clouds. We had clouds move in, a heavy breeze for just a little bit and I was so hoping we would get rain but all we got was humidity.


Jose said...

Wasn't it amazing. We actually did not get rain yesterday in Avondale but it was very windy. Phenix got hit with a lot of rain and wind. I was watching the news and lots of huge trees came down, one even came down on a passing car crushing it, the driver had to be take to the hospital in critical condition. Ten minutes later everything was calm and the streets were dry like if nothing ever happened. Monsoons are very unpredictable.

Betty Flocken said...

I know Jose. The news said you guys got a half inch.. They sure aren't very reliable are they? The guy on channel three had a palm tree go down in his pool. Sandy, sorry you didn't get any rain either. The rain makes the mess of the dust and wind worth it.

ancient one said...

Well we are finally getting some good rains from time to time... Your photos are beautiful!

Jim said...

LOL, sounds like a normal day in Terrell, but we did get some rain yesterday.