Wednesday, August 6, 2008

First Day Jitters

Sabby just started School this morning.. First Grade. She was pretty nervous this morning and very afraid no one from her Kindergarden Class would be in her 1st grade class.. No one was. Katie wants to change her classroom.. We'll see. Maybe today will be a great day? I hope so, or it'll be GRAN going down there, dragging her out of school and home schooling.... Get a grip Gran, deep breaths.
Here's a breakdown in photos.
Ok, This one is kind of funny... First-- that's our house behind her on the left and that guy standing there behind Katie and Sabby? Well I wanted to tell him to calm down... No need to act like a Drill Sargent ...  Sabby's looking a little nervous.
A shot from behind.. I love these.. Most of my subjects, however, do not.

Sabby's being a little brave one here..with her teacher.
This one really got to Gran.. All alone and trying to be brave.. It's going to be a long long long day..... For Gran
Thanks for taking the time to read, my blog yet again today.


Mima said...

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog, it has been a very difficult time. I really hope that 1st Grade works well for Sabby, and that she made a nice new friend today so will be really happy in her new class.

We moved house a lot when I was younger and I remember well walking into a class where I knew no-one, and it is really scary, she looks as if she is being very brave about it.

Carla Flocken said...

O' wow Sabby's a big 1st grader now! She'll do great! I'm sure she'll have a lot of new friends by the end of the day. Tell her that her Auntie Carla Loves her!

Sandy said...

How adorable!! Oh boy do I remember the kids going off to "first grade". I bet she does just fine and surely will make lots of new friends. I bet she comes home today all happy.

love the photos.

Betty Flocken said...

Thanks everyone! Sabby came home today with a bright happy smile, saying, Gran, I'm HOME.
She made a new friend and seems very happy with first grade.

Jim said...

Great that today ended up being better than yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow will be better than today and it goes like that all year......Well until some boy pulls her hair.

Brenda said...

Awwww...She looks so cute and happy. I am sure she will makes friends easily. Probably harder on Mom and Grandma though.

Aunt Kathie said...

What a darling. I remember the brave, scared faces.

redlan said...

sabby is so pretty girl. I am pretty sure she is smart too!

The Broken Man said...

Hope she starts to enjoy school a bit more soon.

The Broken man