Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sandra and second chances

Now there's a name. We associate names with people we know by that name. My niece, Sandra, was named for her Aunt, who I know and love as Sandie. I lost many years with Sandra, but she never gave up on her Aunt Betty, and welcomed me back as though I'd never left her fold. I can no longer look forward to rocking in my chair in my old age with no regrets of this life. (A Chair my sister Kathie taught me about). One of the regrets in my life is not just the time I missed with Miss Sandra, but that when she REALLY needed an Aunt Betty, I was not there for her. I treasure her so much and look at her as one of my special gifts in this life...
ANYway, Here is what is conjured up in my mind with the name, Sandra.

Sandra as a bouncing red head... another red headed treasure.
Taken in 1971

Feeding the Ducks. You could always find that red head in photos

Soccer Player extraordinaire!
Sandra is an incredible Mommy, here with Jake. Sandra, Like her name sake, dropped everything, and threw the baby on the plane, and came down when "family" needed her. This picture was taken in the hospital waiting room, when Lyndsey's Sophie was in critical care a week after she was born.

Sandra & Ricky, "greeting each other" in April 2008
Sandra, You are a blessing to all around you. You really are, in a Mr Clean White Tornado kind of way. You are beautiful, joyful, and when I think of the name Sandra, I smile and think of my OTHER red headed Treasure!
Love you Honey, 


Jose said...

Betty, please allow me to join you in wishing Sandra a very happy birthday. Sounds like she is quite a jewel.

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday to Sandra and she sounds like a great caring person. Nice tribute to her.

Lyndsey said...

She's the best!!!

ancient one said...

Tell Sandra Happy Birthday from me too... I never met a Sandra I didn't like.. My SIL is a Sandra, had three class mates named Sandra... like I said.. I love them all!!

Jim said...

29....so old....Happy Birthday Sandra.