Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Glimpses of Heaven

Is this a glimpse of the Power of Heaven?
Katie drove me home from CA Monday which gave me the opportunity to lay back with my feet somewhat elevated in the relative comfort of my neck pillow. It also gave me WAY too much "musing" time. The sky was beautiful Monday, and as we got closer to home, we could see the dust storm, moving toward our home in Buckeye. The power was something else. 

Anyway, during the 4plus hour drive home, I thought about heaven, and wondered what it was all about. This morning, I read on a dear blogger friend's blog, what she thought may have happened in heaven several years ago. And so this morning, I am reminded of my "Monday Musings"..

I decided on the drive home that it is upon the shoulders of the people I love in my life, my family and my friends, my children and my grandchildren, I stand and get glimpses of heaven. The joy I feel when surrounded by family at gatherings or an impromptu lunch at CPK, or a phone call with my sisters, an e-mail with pictures from my niece Suzanne in Germany, a surprise e-mail from Aly, or hearing Emilee or Brody say hi to me on the phone; seeing nephews and nieces phone #s on caller ID, hearing a great song I love or an old song from my youth. (gotta love i- tunes). When I hear or
 see Izzy and  Conner giggling and playing, I KNOW that's got to be a glimpse of heaven.

Music, I think, is an especially wonderful gift from heaven. Years ago I taught a Sacrament Preparation Class at the Catholic Parish I attended. I use to tell the children, that the best way to  invite the Holy Spirit to join us was by singing the hymms loudly and with joy.. I digress...

My thoughts of what heaven might be like have morphed a great deal since I was a child; slowly over the years I have developed a different view.

Or are these the glimpses of Heaven

Talking about saving Ants with Daddy/Uncle Robbie
Family photo of part of the next generation

 Making Memories with Mommy

Oh the shrieks and giggles!

Is that sunlight or heaven shining on sisters? I couldn't tell

Because I still believe in Judgement, I get a little nervous about what God may have to say about this statement or that behavior or how I hurt this person, or ignored that person.. I didn't like reviews at work either quite frankly. But over all I'm KIND OF looking forward to finding out what it's all about up there, or over there.. Yikes! Not down there I hope!

And I believe that God gives us Glimpses in this world what the next world will be like. 
Gosh, I think God talks to us in pictures sometimes. This is an un-edited photo that pretty much confirmed this to me..... Either that... or we all better be nice to this one!

I think we only need to look at his handy work to get a pretty good idea it's going to be pretty cool.
If you've made it all the way down through this longwinded blog.... THANKS for taking the time to read my blog today!


Julee Marie Photography said...

Very nice blog today Betty, I always enjoy reading your insight on heaven... from your experiences ect. But just to let you know, you WILL NOT be seeing it for real for ALONG time so you keep "wondering" what it really looks like for now :-) Love the pics. Emilee kept saying Hello Betty, Bye Betty when we got off the phone. Cant wait to see you in 30 DAYS!!

Brenda said...

This blog post was so very special, Betty! I could not agree with you more on everything you talked about. I am still a practicing Catholic, but, (shh..don't tell anyone) very open minded. I hesitate to put into words how I feel about spirituality and the afterlife, but your descriptions of heaven right here on earth are very similar to my beliefs also. Hugs to you for such a happy description of life!!!

Jose said...

Betty, what a wonderful and inspirational post. My Mustang is missing the rear window and Monday at around 3:45 p.m. is started to drizzle. I work by 40th street and Broadway and the sky got really dark, I looked towards the West and it seemed the weather was not as bad so I figure I can outran the rain and the sand storm... wrong! even though my guys told me get out of here we'll close the warehouse the sand storm was determined to accompany me all the way home. I am sure I was looking at the very same clouds and the very same sand storm you were looking at and I couldn't believe how beautiful it all looked. I couldn't even see South Mountain it was so thick. My dad was very active at St. Vincent de Paul church in Phoenix and now that he is gone my sister took over all his responsibilities, my sister is in charge of the bible studies for Hispanics and she is the director of the 11:30 a.m. mass. So they have given me many glimpses of what heaven could be like, and then I look at the pictures of all my kids and grandkids and I know that I am living my heaven here on earth too. Again loved your post.

Jose said...

Oops! I meant to say that my sister is in charge of the 11:30 a.m. mass choir. Not the mass. lol

Betty Flocken said...

Thanks Jose! I was also in charge of the Spanish Speaking Religious Education Program at the Church I belonged to in Southern CA.. I worked all summer on it; had an assistant from Cuba; and spoke NOT ONE WORD of Spanish. WHICH I guess tells you how serious our parish was about the program...
I cared anyway :) There's a Parish in GoodYear I keep "planning" on going to. The name escapes me but it seems to be a nice place.

Sandy said...

What a great post Betty. The photos are gorgeous, I really enjoyed seeing them and your writing...ahhhh...what a contemplative great post.

Indeed I think you have found Heaven...

Lyndsey said...

aawwww i like it

Jim said...

Very nice post. My father used to sing VERY loud in Church, well for him it was a Kingdom Hall. UGH, he was sooooo bad, I would just hide my face. Nobody ever said anything though.