Sunday, June 15, 2008

What a Horrible Loss

I know it's ridiculous; I know I didn't "Know" him but I felt like I did. I've watched him for years on Meet the Press; and on Election Nights; and through the day on MSNBC. Friday I was shocked to hear that he'd died suddenly.. of What nearly killed me. I think he was a great man and I've been so sad this afternoon.  After Friday, I've avoided my favorite network.. MSNBC. It was hard to watch. Tim Russert was Paul's age; class of 68; Way too young to die so suddenly. It's so  final.

Lyndsey has been laughing at me like I laughed at her when she was "heartbroken" for years when Brandon Lee (the Crow) died. Repeating what I use to say to her all those years ago. I said it was different; it is different. Tim Russert was not an actor. I'm pretty much a political junkie and news junkie and really liked his position that his political background had nothing to do with his position as Moderator on Meet the Press. 

 Meet the Press today, was all about him with long time friends talking in tribute to him. Tom Brokaw and Mike Barnacle (two other favorite newsmen and, I understand, his two best friends) cried when they tried to talk about him. What a loss to his family; what a loss to journalism; what a loss to his friends; what a loss to America. Election Night will never be the same; Sunday Mornings will never be the same. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.


lyndsey said...

You did not know him...... lol

ChrisJ said...

It is such a shock when someone so young dies so suddenly. But somehow I think I would rather go fast than slowly. Unfortunately longevity runs in our family. I keep having to grapple with visions of what may lie ahead. My mother's last twenty years were not the happiest. Whatever the future holds I'm hoping it will allow me to have a dog or a cat as a companion!

Mima said...

When you spend a lot of time in front of the TV (which I do too), I can understand how people can start to feel like part of your life. I'm sure that his passing is a terrible loss to his family, and such a shock.

Sandy said...

It's sad, but I'm amazed how mainstream media news is constantly talking about this when there are other huge things going on in our country.
But I definitely understand your sorrow.