Friday, June 20, 2008

The Mamiya

In 1973 or 74, my dad brought a super cool camera while he, mom, Kathie & Jim lived in Japan. I remember hearing about his excitement and once my brother Jim mentioned he'd used this camera to take all the pictures for the yearbook at his international school in  Nagoya where they lived. 
Dad used it rarely once they came home to the states in 74. When they died, we found the camera and as neither brother or sister wanted it, I have it. Jim didn't have time to teach me how to use it so despite my many attempts to sit down and figure out the instruction manual and the many lenses and lens covers and even the loading of film; it has all remained a mystery to me. I photographed it yesterday as with money pretty tight right now, I'd like to try selling it on E-Bay. I'm still trying to figure that part out too.
It's probably not worth much now adays with  digital out there. It's a medium format film. I remember, in 1998, purchasing the film but now have forgotten how I put it in... Did I load the camera. If ANYone out there who happens across my page can give me a rough estimate on what I could get for this well preserved beauty? It'd help a lot when I figure out what I'm doing on E-bay. HELP.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today. Have a good weekend.

P.S. My   niece Aly e-mailed telling me she would buy it; Don't sell it! So I'm giving it to her for a wedding present. Part of her family's history. Love you honey.


Jim said...

I love the camera and the extras. What a great wedding gift.

Sandy said...

Wow, cool camera!! That will be a great gift.

how's your heat....

Betty Flocken said...

It's bad 100 but going up to 113 by the end of the day. I hear yours is horrible in Southern CA

Sandy said...

Very hot but I think we're cooling down by Tuesday to mid 90's or something. The coast has been even hotter than here.

Hope you stay cool!!!