Sunday, June 22, 2008

To My Out of Town Family; Your Rooms are Ready

Rob, Carla; Lyndsey, Victor; Julee; Scott, Lanette; Sandra, Steven; Peggy, Dennis; Aly, Saul... Hell All of you.
Your rooms are ready.
We have Four Bedrooms and a Sitting Room(my office) in our home. Kind of big for "Empty Nesters" like us,however, even before Ricky and Katie moved to AZ, we needed lots of bedrooms for family gatherings (I'm lucky we still have them - they are weekends now though). It's also possible to get more bedrooms since home prices are not that high in the "oven". I gave up assigning bedrooms a few years ago and told the kids; it was first come first serve. Ricky got his own place 5 weeks ago and I'm finally almost done with the "Guest Room" in it's 5th incarnation since we moved here 2 years ago. First it was Katie & Sabby's room; When they moved back to CA, it became the guest room; They moved back 7 months later,  and I gave them each their own room, moved my office to the sitting room and turned my guest room and bathroom into Paul's "Cowboy Room". Then Ricky moved in and it became his room with Cowboy stuff and Paul's desk in it. NOW, it's Paul's Cowboy Room with a Futon and guest bathroom AND the treadmill Paul bought "ME" a few years ago. My office/the sitting room, also has a Futon. So we're set, pretty much, now for family gatherings.  
I still need to paint it but Paul has opted today for only a barbecue instead of "getting that room painted this morning" as I suggested. In RAN off to the market just a few minutes ago saying something about other errands too.. Oh well.
Oh and I've kept the air mattress for those expanded family gatherings.. Kids - It's still first come first serve!!!

I'm giving thanks today for our A.C. and keeping the rest of the country in my prayers, with the flooding in the midwest and the heat and fires in CA. 
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.  

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Julee said...

Thanks for the heads up Betty! Im glad I always have a place to go when i'm in AZ! (First come First serve my ass.... i'll wrestle for the room) lol...
Hope you are feeling good!

love ya,