Saturday, June 28, 2008

Old Photos

One of the advantages of being at Lyndsey's AND having passed on my old computer to her is that all my older photos (up through 2006) are stored on her computer. This picture is from October 2003, Makayla and her Pappys at Rawhide. I am constantly amazed at how fast these years have gone by. One day the baby face just disapears.

I'm recovering from my long drive yesterday and resting at Lyndsey's with Makayla and Izzy, while Lyndsey runs errands.. I can say resting, because Izzy fell asleep. I'm also enjoying the approximate 25 degree drop in temperature. Glad I remembered my sweater for evenings.
Izzy is like the energy bunny who'll just suddenly tip over. :).. SHE"S TIPPED.
Oh, I found these pictures from August 04, the Day, Lyndsey, Victor & Makayla became Family.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.


Mima said...

Some more lovely family photos that you have there. My Mum gave me a digital photo frame which I adore, and this now has all the best ones of my family and friends on it - maybe you could ask for one?

Carla Flocken said...

Very Cool! It seems like just yesterday that Makayla was that small. What a cutie pants!

Jim said...

Did you bring some of the blank CDs with you to make copies? You were just saying a week or so ago about making back ups right? Make back ups of her photos for her and a copy for you.

Betty Flocken said...

Hi Jim; Oh yeah. Everything still on Lyndsey's computer is also on mine and backed up on DVD and big book. I even slurp HER photos off her computer when I here. It's nice to have that extra bunch from my old photos when I'mhere though.

mig bardsley said...

Lovely to have the old photos so easily accessible :)
I do admire your efficiency in backing up! I'm hopeless at it. Always behind!

Sandy said...

Wonderful photos. I always enjoy seeing them.