Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Bridge

This is my sister's house. The Bridge has a history. Dad built it in 1964/65 to cover a drainage situation which cut across our driveway and front yard. He was very clever. Many neighbors used our home in their directions, the big red house with the bridge... three doors up on the left.  Now this is the second bridge, built after they returned from Japan. There's more of an asian garden look to it now. When they died, My brother bought the house and after a few years made some changes in the front yard landscaping. He called Kathie and me, asking if we wanted it. I was still in Murrieta then and Kathie and I drove down in her truck, loaded it up (or watched my brother load it?) I stuck the bridge off a side deck in our yard.   Madi & Makayla loved playing on it and I used it, as my dad had for 30 years,   a place to gather the family for pictures. 
When we moved to Gold Canyon, and I mentioned to the landscaper (the deliverer of Rocks) that I wanted to use the bridge in the front... as my father had... he smiled and handed me the rules and regs BOOK. Basically i'd have to kiss some one who had nothing better to do then tell people how to decorate their own property on the BUTT to use the bridge. 
So, Kathie took it and  here it sits in her front yard. I've taken a few family photos at Kathie's but the bridge no longer serves the purpose as a walkway.
And, Because I have a lot to do today and am practicing the art of avoidance, I've created a slide show with just a brief history of the bridge.
I like to think Kathie, that dad would be happy we have such a record of the bridge; but then I realize, he's probably now focusing on other things. I remember the thousands of days, walking over that bridge to the front door; after school,  (Hey remember when you drove that old station wagon into the front brick planter box.) after a date, for nearly 20 years on family visits; Walking to the limousines twice in early 1998. 
Thanks everyone for taking the time to  read my blog and watch this slide show today.
OK... The adding a slide show is a hit and miss so I'll just add the photos. :)
Kathie... I want the bridge back if you ever move! :)

Circa 1964

Mom and my Grandparents, 1964

Family on the Bridge 1966
Me, and my brothers 1965
A very sad day in December 1967
Aly 1980

Lyndsey, Aunt Kathie's Wedding Day 1983
My Four  Thanksgiving 2001 The Bridge had moved to Murrieta

Katie & Sabby, In front of the bridge
Sabby 6/08 on the bridge in it's new home


Lyndsey said...


Kathie said...

What a nice story - but you leave out the important parts about me!

The one of Richard in his dress blues - that wasn't the day he left??

Thanks for remembering our stories, Betty. Wish the next generation would be as interested!

Betty Flocken said...

Dearest Kathie;
It was a few days before he left and still a very sad day. If I want your editorial expertise, I'll beat it out of you.
P.S. What's with Aly wanting a sticky with her name put under the bridge? I swear.

Sandy said...

Very cool post Betty. I enjoyed reading all about it and the photos.


Kathie said...

Aly wants me to put a sticky on the bottom (like I did with the hummels and lladros (sp?) - so the "heirs" will know who gets what.

mig bardsley said...

I love that *practising the art od avoidance* :)

What a lovely story of a beloved old piece of home. We have a similar lamp post :)