Sunday, June 8, 2008

Headed Home

It's early Sunday Morning and I'll be headed home today. Out of the cool 70's/80's into the 102 degree weather of home. Ah what a beach does to the climate of a region.

The beach was beautiful; getting out of the car brought the so familiar scent of saltwater. A smell that overtakes me and takes me back to when I was 5 and our family would drive the 5 miles down to Torrance Beach. It always has the same effect. Although this time, a new sensation was added, FEAR. Fear that Izzabella would run into a crowd and loose herself; fear that Izabella would run too far out into the very dangerous water and get sucked under and out. (Izzy, I learned does not listen AT ALL, when at the Beach) Fear trying to keep track of 3 little ones running in several directions. When Rob and Carla got there, two more children were added, as were two more sets of eyes.

Lyndsey recovered/is recovering from having her teeth pulled yesterday; still sore.

Last night When putting Makayla and Sabby to bed, my mind wandered (as it so often does). As I stood at the door telling them they could talk quietly for a few minutes but then go to sleep. 20 years slipped away, and I was talking to Katie and Lyndsey. They lay there SO like their mommys did 20 plus years ago, it took me a second to realize or come to the present, and comprehend, I was talking to their little girls. It was a moment. A moment I thanked God for. Then said a quiet Hail Mary that my mind could STAY in the present!
Have a good day everyone.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

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mig bardsley said...

Oh a wonderful moment! I remember similar things with my lovely grandaughter.
And her asking "who's that little girl with the icecream all over her face?" and answering "that's your Mummy"