Thursday, June 12, 2008

There's always something :)

I've had more than a few bouts with Diverticulitis over the last 4 years. A few episodes have landed me in the hospital on IV antibiotics and it looks like this one might too. It's been going on since I was in CA and got bad enough yesterday to send me whining to my doctor. I got lucky and he sent me home with Antibiotics and Pain Pills, with instructions to call this morning if I'm not feeling any better. I'm not, so I called and am waiting for him to call me back :( .  I'm hoping he will simply strengthen the antibiotic and see how that works. IV's are no fun. Lots of stress going on in the background this week and this is NOT helping. wah wah wah.  Thanks for "listening"
Meanwhile, have a good day everyone; I'm leaving you with this "uplifting" view of the pier at Oceanside.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.


Sandy said...

Betty, I hope you get some relief!

I haven't been on the computer much so I'm behind visiting.

get better soon!!!


ChrisJ said...

Do you know I'd rather have an IV than be put on antibiotics. I get SO sick with antibiotics, i might as well be in be with an IV anyway.

But the Oceanside pier is a happy sight to see in your blog. I was down at the Carlsbad beach just a mile or so away yesterday.

Feel better soon.

Jim said...

That is a great picture, but I hope you are feeling better.