Saturday, March 1, 2008

"The Twins"

Saturdays are quiet and kind of boring in the mornings when Paul works. Katie, Ricky & Sabby are still sleeping; (now 8:45) and frankly there's nothing good on my home improvement shows or the cable news this morning. I'm tempted to run the vacuum or start something loud but I'll be nice this morning and let them sleep. 
My sister, Kathie,  wrote to tell me other than the fact that I've never mentioned her; she likes my blog. I come from a family of 8. Kathie and I are the "twins". Really. Identical. Growing up with Kathie was both special and a pain. She'd agree. We attended Catholic High School where uniforms were mandatory. So we got a lot of ..."Are you Kathie or Betty?" or.
 "Stand there and let me see if I can tell  you apart"?  Our hair was different AND we had different sets of friends. Yes. I was rude in response. Those early life experiences made me very careful to always get the name right for people.  Middle age, memory lapses and Cognitive problems from M.S. have resulted in me forgetting names more and more frequently; which is, for me, so far, the worse thing about Having M.S. 
I digress. Here are the best things about growing up with Kathie for all my my life; We've been together forever.  Together, We've wet our pants laughing in public places; We laugh at the same things - usually ourselves. We truly are our own best audience; for jokes; new ideas and off the wall funny comments. Other than the spare parts we both carry and are willing to give each other in an emergency, having Kathie as my twin has always meant knowing absolutely, someone else (Kathie) has my back throughout this life's journey. We'll fight and not speak for weeks, but without words, we'll come together when one or the other needs us or in times of family crisis. My family room would still not be finished today if Kathie hadn't brought over the painting supplies 11-06. 
Together in our childhood we followed, our blonde (much prettier) Sister Peggy.  With twins, there is often a leader and a follower. Growing up with Peggy meant we were both leader and follower. Together we knew that Peggy had our back.   Oh and NO we did not fool our boyfriends, trying to make them think we were the OTHER one..  
As adults, we both THINK we're the wiser one :) I'd like to hope that Kathie has learned as much from me and been inspired as much by me as I have been by her.
Thank you for taking time to read my blog today.

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Kathie said...

OK - now I love your blog. Having you as a 'life partner', along with Peggy as the third twin, has made the highs higher and the lows not so low. And it has made the rest of the times so much more fun.