Saturday, March 29, 2008

Home for Good, At least for now

Good Morning Everyone. It's so good to be home with no plans at this moment to return to Southern CA for a while. I got Madi safely home and enjoyed a quick visit with Rob and Carla before heading off to Lyndsey's for a day of "rest" before coming home yesterday.  There are so many neighborhood parks in the Murrieta/Temecula area. Thursday, Lyndsey and I packed up the kids and headed off to a park down the road for more fun for the kids and more picture practice for Gran. This park is built next to the fire department and has more fun play equipment for the kids. Even Water Fountain Turtles. It was a nice picnic lunch. Other than candid pictures, it was VERY hard to get Izzy "prepped" for a picture. On the occasions she did smile, her hair was blowing in her face. I liked the top one, where I told the girls to smile at Mommy.
I can't believe we're almost to April. AND that Easter was a week ago. 
Hope you all have a great Saturday and thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

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cflocken said...

O' My Goodness, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of the girls! Can you e-mail it to me!