Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's getting hot in AZ

Paul is working tonight so I'll spend a few minutes doing Post 2 today. The temperatures here in the "Valley" are starting to rise, reminding us that the triple digits of summer aren't far away. In fact, they'll be starting in April or May. Paul and I ate lunch outside and actually had to move into the Shade. It feels great, but I know what's coming.  Pool water temps almost too warm to enjoy! I suppose to any of you reading from Snowbound areas don't have much sympathy for me today :).

A Few weeks ago, Paul and I planted bare root roses and tried some fruit trees. THEY'RE BLOOMING.  Automatic Sprinklers are not Paul's thing so one of the chores I've started to help with is watering. It's a good chance to get Sabby outside playing and forces me out too.  It's amazing to see that the "Stick" we planted last month, hoping it would become a blueberry Plant?Tree? someday, start to actually show Green! Our apricot trees are beginning to bloom too.  Most of our roses are starting to show promise of buds to come. Looks like we'll have blooms even by our early Easter this year. 
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today. Again.

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