Monday, March 24, 2008

Back Home Again

It's good to be home again, but we had a wonderful Easter Weekend in CA.  We spent Saturday together at Rob and Carla's, using that time to Celebrate Easter 2008.

After spending the day 
together, we celebrated the Easter Vigil by watching Madison & Conner's Baptism and Madi's First Communion. It was a wonderful service. After being a practicing Catholic for most of my life, I haven't practiced my faith in over 10 years. During the service, I felt the stirrings of desire to go back to the religion I was raised in. I heard you Mom; Loud and Clear; It's the faith not the people. The service on the Easter Vigil is beautiful; the celebration goes back to ancient times; the First Days of the Church with the Bon Fire in the back of the Church; from which the Easter Candles are lit; to the complete submersion during Baptism.. Which Brings me to Conner; who provided a brief break in the incredible beauty and solemnity of the Ancient Rite of Baptism. The ceremony called for Conner to walk into the water with Madi. Well, we could all tell that Conner was going to have NO PART of this and I watched with dread as Rob told the Priest that Conner WASN'T having any of that. The Priest told Rob (as we learned later) to just hold Conner over the water and he would pour water over Conner's head. Fortunately, Rob is strong enough to hold the FIGHTING Conner over that Baptismal Font. Conner Screamed at the VERY top of his lungs fighting with all he had in him as Rob held him over the Baptismal Waters. Then slapped at his head in a valiant, yet unsuccessful attempt to smack the water off his head.. Then looked straight in his Daddy's eyes, growled and punched Rob so hard I thought Rob might drop him or "accidently" toss him straight into the pool. Rob did neither, but walked out SMILING with a struggling and screaming Conner. IT WAS AWESOME. 
SO sadly, I have no pictures to memorialize this incredible event during the holiest and most special of Ceremonies. Pictures were not allowed, but I swear that Paul and I would have won the 10k on America's Funniest Home Videos, had we had the video camera going!!!
Fortunately, Madi was Baptized  BEFORE Conner so she didn't loose HER moment. Whereas Conner is only 3 and didn't really "get it", Madi was very excited about her "New Life in Christ" and it was a wonderful moment to share.
We also got to see Rob's best friend since Jr High, Travis and His Wife. They were Conner's God Parents..... Michelle, Travis' wife is 9 weeks pregnant, during a very difficult week. MORNING sickness? Not morning... all day every day and was in the hospital earlier last week. They still made the long trip from New Mexico to be there for Rob and Carla. We also got to See my niece, Aly and her fiance Saul - who made us laugh again, EVEN during the service and especially at the end of the two hour service.
Madi is home with Paul and Me today; Currently, I've stolen a moment while she's with her Pappys at the food market. Later, we're taking her to lunch and a movie before picking Sabby up from her first day of School after Spring Break. They'll both swim in the ALMOST warm enough water and we'll all be together (Paul, Ricky, Katie, Sabby, Madi & Me) to enjoy our barbecue. Wednesday, I'll be taking Madi home to CA, coming home on Friday and going to bed to rest and "recover" until the end of March!  :)
Hope you all had an Easter as Special as ours was. Take care everyone and Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

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cflocken said...

What a cute picture of all the kids! I LOVE it!