Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ready to go again

These last two days went by fast and tomorrow morning, Madi and I head back to CA. I'll be there until Friday. Then no more traveling for a while :)
The weather is heating up here in the Valley of the Sun - 90 today. I know it'll go up at least another 20 degrees before the end of Summer, sometime in October, but 90 always seems hot in March or April. 
The Girls got in some swim time these last couple of days. I took Madi to lunch at Chili's where Uncle Ricky works this morning before coming back to pick Sabby up early from school. After Visiting with Aunt Sandi, we headed off to see Norbert hears a Who; then on to Westgate shopping center in nearby Glendale for some shopping and dinner at Rocket Burger. West Gate is a new business and shopping center near the Glendale Stadium. They didn't finnish it before Super Bowl but it is very impressive. Built in the new style, outdoor with some parking in front of individual stores. We ate in a booth by the window and watched the shoppers and Coyote Fans on their way to the Arena to watch the game.
When Madi is playing near me, I am amazed at how often I hear; "Lets pretend....." At one point both girls were captured by a giant squid and the water in the pool was Squid Spit. The sharks nearly got them once and later bad people came to kidnap the girls. She has a remarkable imagination and I have never been successful at coaxing her to change plans once I give her a plan.  She has great spirit and is VERY good at Coaxing Gran into her way of thinking. It's been great fun having her here and I'll miss her very much after dropping her off tomorrow.

Hope you all have a good day; Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

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cflocken said...

Very Cute! I miss my girl. It sounds like she's having a great time with her Gran & Pappys! We'll see you soon!