Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Conner's going to be 3

As, I've mentioned several times, Paul and I have been blessed with six beautiful grandchildren. 5 little girls and 1 little guy. Conner David is our one and only grandson. It's hard to believe this little guy is going to be three in two days.
Conner was for many photos I've gotten of all the grandchildren, the one crying. He was the one who did not want his picture taken and the grandchild you DID NOT want to wake up from a nap. Rob and Carla once came home early from a 

camping trip because they were worried Conner was sick. They could not stop his tears as he cried as though in real pain. They stopped by the house quickly to pick something up before taking him the the E.R.  Once inside the house, he looked around, sighed and smiled. He was home. That's all he wanted was to be home.  Rob and Carla have made many adjustments in their vacation plans with this little guy.  He's been the one who usually didn't run up to Gran with hugs and kisses when I'd arrive.  No, Conner has made me earn every smile, every kiss, every hug and more recently he's blessed me with "I love you Gan".  Those smiles, kisses, hugs and the I Love you Gans light up the world when he blesses me with them. They are well worth the wait. His smile, I'm sure  make the angels sing.
As Conner has neared the age of three, he smiles a lot more and cries much less and I have indeed been greeted with a hug and kiss. Our last family portrait and my cherished picture of the perfect 6 includes a smiling Conner.  I believe now that Conner has "turned that corner" and will turn into "the easy one", as Madi nears Puberty... GOOD LUCK WITH THAT ROB AND CARLA.
I'll be down in Southern CA this weekend for his 3rd Birthday Party. I can't wait.  I can't wait to see him run with Izabella, his smile, his hug (which I will demand!), to watch him open his presents and play with his cars. 
Happy Birthday Special little Conner.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog today

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